15 Gifts for the Air Bar Lux Lover in Your Life

15 Gifts for the Air Bar Lux Lover in Your Life
15 Gifts for the Air Bar Lux Lover in Your Life

If you know somebody who loves the Air Bar Lux, one of these gifts may be the perfect present for them.

Air Bar Lux Mini Kit

The Air Bar Lux Mini Kit is the perfect gift for the Air Bar lover in your life. The kit contains everything they’ll need to make a delicious cocktail: a jigger, shaker, strainer and muddler as well as a citrus press and bar spoon. It comes in a handsome gift box that can be used to store the pieces when not in use. For anyone who loves making cocktails at home or wants to get started crafting their own drinks, this is an excellent option.

The kit also comes with its own recipe book so you can share your new skills with family and friends—and it’s covered by a lifetime warranty against defects!

Air Bar Lux

Air Bar Lux comes in three colors—black, gunmetal and white—and two sizes: regular and tall. It’s also available in two finishes: satin nickel or polished chrome, which have a mirror-like finish that reflects light beautifully and makes the Air Bar look even more modern. You can choose from two styles of bar stools for your Air Bar as well, including a swivel stool or non-swivel stool with either wood or metal legs.

Air Bar Lux is an amazing gift for someone who loves to entertain guests but doesn’t want to compromise on style when doing so. The combination of its sleek design and bold colors make it an ideal choice for any home bar area or kitchen island countertop!

Pod Carousel

Not only does the pod carousel hold 24 pods, but it can also be used to hold a variety of other items. The possibilities are endless:

  • Coffee, tea and hot chocolate pods
  • Cold drinks (like water)
  • Condiments like ketchup or mustard packets from fast food restaurants
  • Spices (like salt and pepper) * Candy * Toothpicks

Double-Wall Mug

The Double-Wall Mug is a great gift for the air bar lover in your life. It’s double-walled insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for hours, so it’s perfect for someone who likes to take their time with their drink. The stainless steel construction makes it durable and able to withstand daily use without showing signs of wear. The exterior won’t sweat, so you can rest assured that your coffee won’t get all over the place when you bring it outside (or inside).

The best part? This mug can be used by anyone! Whether you’re drinking hot or cold beverages, soup or anything else—this mug will keep them at the right temperature as long as they need to stay that way.

Happy Hour Card Holder

It’s a card holder, money clip and bottle opener all in one. With built-in magnets that hold your cards securely, the Happy Hour Card Holder is sure to make happy hour even happier. The durable leather exterior comes in several colors: navy blue, plum purple, teal green and black.

This gift is perfect for any bar lover who has trouble keeping track of their debit cards when they’re out having fun with friends. It can easily fit in a pocket or small purse so you can take it with you wherever you go!

Draftmark Tap System

If your air bar lover is a beer connoisseur, then this Draftmark Tap System will be the best gift you can give them. The Draftmark tap system takes the guesswork out of pouring draft beer with its accurate dispensing technology and built-in CO2 regulator. It’s compatible with any beer keg or even a growler—and that means it’s perfect for any brand, style and type of brew!

Keg Cap Opener

A keg cap opener is a must-have for any beer-lover. It’s small, compact, and won’t take up much space in your bag or on your keychain. You can easily fit it into any purse or backpack because it’s only about 4 inches long—the perfect size to slide inside a pocket or clip onto the outside of your bag.

The fun part about this as a gift is that it works on so many different bottles! Not just beer bottles, but wine bottles too (or any other kind with a cap). It will also open soda pop cans with ease—just be careful not to press too hard when you’re popping them open; otherwise, you might break off the tab that makes opening easy!

Cooling Coaster

The cooling coaster is a perfect gift for the air bar lover in your life. The coaster is made of stainless steel, so it’s easy to clean and maintain. It also works wonders at keeping drinks cold, hot and warm—even over ice! The simple design makes it easy to slide glasses on and off the coaster without worrying about scratches or other damage that can occur with other coasters.

The circular design of this piece makes it ideal for use with most glasses or mugs. Simply remove the top portion of your glass or mug when placing on this coaster to prevent spills while keeping your drink safe from heat or cold.

6-Pack Cozy Cooler

This is a great gift for the beer lover who also gets cold hands. The cozy cooler has a removable neoprene sleeve that keeps your cans or bottles nice and cold, while the outer nylon shell provides warmth when you’re holding it. It fits six 12-ounce cans perfectly and holds them securely, so they won’t fall out even if you have to shake it around a bit (though we don’t recommend trying). The fabric on this cooler cleans up easily: just machine wash it in cold water, then tumble dry low. If you want to give this as a gift, consider pairing it with some specialty beers from your local brewery!

Air Bar Lux Medallion

  • The Air Bar Lux Medallion is the perfect gift to show your appreciation, gratitude, respect and admiration.
  • Whether you are giving a gift to someone you know well or someone you don’t know at all, this medallion is sure to be well received by any recipient. The dedication of their achievements will be something they can carry with them forever.

Drip Catcher

This drip catcher is a thoughtful gift idea for the Air Bar Lux lover in your life. The silicone material makes it easy to clean, and it fits all pods from the Air Bar Lux system—whether they’re a standard pod or a larger, more gourmet one like the Mocha Pod. This drip catcher also comes with an adhesive backing so you can stick it onto any flat surface to keep your countertop nice and tidy.

If you know somebody who loves the Air Bar Lux, one of these gifts may be the perfect present for them.

If you know somebody who loves the Air Bar Lux, one of these gifts may be the perfect present for them.

You can make it a whole night of drinking with these great options:

  • Beer lovers will love this set of glasses from Red Sox pitcher Craig Kimbrel’s brewery, where they can drink beer poured directly into their own glass. The best part? You can wash it out and reuse it!
  • Wine drinkers will love this pair of glasses that let them enjoy their favorite vino without having to worry about spilling it all over themselves as they walk around the party or kitchen.
  • Cocktail connoisseurs will appreciate this set by Dogfish Head Brewery–the maker of some very interesting beers–that lets them mix up their own drinks without worrying about making too much noise when doing so.
  • Coffee enthusiasts will love this kit from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, which makes brewing at home easy with everything you need for an amazing cup every time.


The Air Bar Lux is a great product that allows you to enjoy your favorite drinks. There are plenty of gifts for the Air Bar Lux lover in your life, so make sure to check them out!


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