5 Reasons Warzone Is The Best Battle Royale Game

5 Reasons Warzone Is The Best Battle Royale Game

Why is Call of Duty: Warzone the best battle royale game on the market? And in which areas does Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds still outshine it?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) popularized the battle royale format in gaming. Moreover, unlike usual deathmatch modes in games like Activision’s Call of Duty, PUBG’s map constantly evolves with new hazards, different environmental elements, and weapons scattered around the terrain,

Warzone: Tactical Combat

Unlike other Battle Royale titles, Warzone boasts a more tactical approach to this game genre. Thanks to its Call of Duty roots, Warzone also applies signature mechanics such as Scorestreaks, Loadouts, and even unique Contracts within a match. As such, each match isn’t just long, but also has a ton of layers to dissect and take into account.

All these intermingling elements mean there’s so much that could happen in just one 30-minute match. Moreover, these elements also mean there is a lot to look forward to even if players have to go and play the same mechanic over and over.

PUBG: Simpler Mechanics

Sometimes, the OG still wins thanks to its simpler mechanics. Unlike the various gameplay elements of Warzone, PUBG provides a more simplistic approach to battle royales. Players simply parachute in, collect weapons, and outlast opponents while avoiding the Blue Circle. Despite the rather many intermingling elements, they all work nicely for intense 10 to 30-minute matches.

Thankfully, this rather straightforward approach also allowed players to go all out with their loadout and strategies. They don’t need to think too hard about their approach to combat, they just grab a gun, wing it, and it’s still fun.

8 Warzone: Tactics Start With The Drop

Players will have to think about their strategy as soon as they make the first drop in Warzone. When they choose a particular drop zone, they can cut their chute and glide to their destination. Sounds good, right?

However, players can actually give themselves a short boost by reactivating their chute. Moreover, they can actually start shooting as soon as they draw their pistol while gliding. As such, gamers can plan their approach even during the fall to the drop zone. Likewise, an ally can go ahead and make the drop before regrouping with the rest of the team.

7 PUBG: Diving Is Awesome

Battles should start as soon as players meet the ground, and PUBG remains consistent on this end. After all, there’s that feeling of suspense that remains as players chute or dive their way to a zone with the majority of the other players. Moreover, players have to stay sharp with things in the environment they need to get to as soon as they drop with other players.

Warzone: Contracts Add Interesting Mini-Games

Aside from the core battle royale mechanic, Warzone also features some “mini-games” that spice up each match. These come in the form of Contracts that players can pick up and, when finished, give them rewards.

These Contracts come in the form of Bounties that encourage players to find and kill other players. Moreover, there are Scavenger Contracts that lead to special loot crates and Recon Contracts that guide players to marked points in the map. Outlasting opponents while having these Contracts make matches more exciting.

5 PUBG: Just The Blue & Red Circles

Unlike Warzone, PUBG doesn’t have any complex “mini-games” for players. Instead, aside from the core survival mechanic, players also have to avoid the shrinking Blue Circle and the deadly Red Circle. Staying outside the Blue Circle drains player health, but outrunning this should be easy if players are just on the edge. However, if the Blue Circle begins actively shrinking, players may need vehicles to survive.

Additionally, the Red Circles indicate spots that receive constant bombardment from helicopters, which change every few minutes. Additionally, due to these mechanics, players can’t just “camp” out as they have to constantly move inside the shrinking circle and avoid constant bombardment.

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4 Warzone: Players Can Purchase Special Drops

What sets Warzone apart from other battle royale titles is its unique approach to weapons and equipment. Aside from being scattered around the map, players who earn enough credits can access Buy Zones to purchase advantages they can use in the match. For instance, these Buy Zones can let players access the personal multiplayer equipment they’ve set as their loadout.

PUBG: Loadout Drops Are A Lifesaver

Aside from scattered weapons and equipment on the battlefield, PUBG also features frequent Loadout Drops in various locations on the map. However, they’re not announced in matches, and players only identify these by listening and looking for random planes.

When players manage to locate these drops, they can open them to get new weapons and armor, all of which are capable of giving them an edge in combat. However, as they’re infrequent, players will most likely have to make do with what they have. The rarity of these drops makes them something to look forward to and they can give a crazy edge to players lucky enough to get them.

2 Warzone: Return To The Firefight

Thanks to the Gulag feature, killed players may actually get back into the fight. When they are killed, players head to the Gulag to face other dead players in 1-on-1 matches for a chance to get back into the game when their teammates activate their recall mechanic for credits.

This unique feature shows players that Warzone has something to offer even if their characters die. Moreover, this entire Gulag feature can be a mechanic of its own, as players can drop another time to save their squad.

1 PUBG: Lost? Just Move On

Perhaps PUBG dominates the battle royale genre as it doesn’t linger whenever players lose in a match. For instance, if another player kills them, they are simply sent to the Lobby with some credits and they can join another match.

This mechanic gives players the impression that they are there to play PUBG for fun rather than to win. This mechanic becomes really helpful when a particular match has extended for a few minutes too long and an option to go back into the match would seem too tedious to even push through.


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