Apps that Must you need in your smartphones in 2022

Apps that Must you need in your smartphones in 2022

If you have an Android smartphone You’ll require indispensable apps to transfer your files, stream movies and track your sleep patterns, keep track of your reading and much more. We’ve compiled the top, most efficient applications available on the Google Play Store.

Google Podcasts

Google’s latest foray into apps for podcasts strikes the perfect balance of utility and ease of use. In addition to streaming your favourite shows, the app can also transfer your music across all devices, and supported platforms includes Google Home speakers. The interface is simple and clutter-free, which means finding new shows and podcasts is easy. When you sign up to a show or show, new episodes download and are added to your queue instantly.


Many apps allow you to use the camera on your phone to digitize papers, but very few are as smooth and efficient as CamScanner. It is able to crop and enhance images in a matter of seconds and create an image that is easily read and aligned, even when your phone’s camera isn’t the most effective. It allows you to join documents with annotations, then add your own to the top of the document, and then send the document as a pdf or JPG.

To top off this basic version it is possible to join an upgrade account at the cost of $5/month. This version CamScanner converts pictures into text you can browse through using your smartphone or the web interface for the app.


IFTTT, which stands for It is also known as If This Then That, ties the various applications: When an event occurs within one application (“if it happens in this”) and an event results on an action in another (“then the”). It is possible to integrate a range of applications, including web apps, social media hardware devices, online services and smart home platforms and many more.

It works best on an Android device. It can be used to alter the wallpaper of your phone each day, backup your SMS messages to an email or post them to several social networks at once or turn off your Wi-Fi every time you leave your home. This is only a glimpse of the possibilities IFTTT can offer–it has many more options to discover.

Nova Launcher

With Android it is possible to alter the look of your phone pixel-by-pixel in a manner that isn’t available on iPhones. Particularly, launcher applications–such as the Nova Launcher, which is a great app–allow you to completely alter the appearance of Android by reworking everything from the layout of the home screen to the specifics of individual icons for apps.

After you have installed Nova Launcher on your phone it allows you to include more icons on the main screen. alter their size, alter the text and label settings, include more gesture controls, change the look of your phone by installing new themes and much more. If you purchase Prime, the Prime version, the upgrade lays with more customizations for the visual.


Evernote allows you to write notes or schedules, thoughts or random thoughts everything else you’d like to record in digital format. The application has been around for over a decade however, despite its time, it’s managed to keep its pace and stay current with its more recent competitors. Its greatest strength lies with organization: Evernote lets you sort all your files into notebooks and mark them with categories or custom tags to make them easily searchable and easily accessible. Additionally, it syncs seamlessly across various devices.

All of these features are included with an initial version that is free of application. If you purchase a monthly subscription of $5, Premium account you get the option of linking your Evernote account to third-party apps in addition to more sharing options.

Sleep As Android

There’s no need to attach the fitness tracker on your wrist for tracking your sleep patterns. Use your smartphone as well as Sleep As Android. Sleep As Android app instead. If you put the phone on your mattress, it will detect noise and movement to figure out how well you’re sleeping , and the amount of shut-eye you get.

The basic features are for free, but you must pay the upgrade once with access to many useful extras. This includes an alarm system that will wake you up according to your sleep patterns, and an ad-free user experience in the application.


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