CRM-Systems for Beauty Salons


Are you tired of losing your client’s information time and again? CRM is here to help you manage your entire customer database and arrange it as you wish. But first thing first, what is CRM?

CRM is a short form for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to a software system that allows business people to track any communication with existing clients and close deals on new leads. Besides, it nurtures relationships, so clients feel more.

Beauty salons have embraced this technology widely. All the olden spreadsheets, apps, and databases have been merged into one, enhancing easier tracking of customer data.

What are the Functions of the CRM-Systems for  Beauty Salons?

The CRM system for beauty salons provides various functions. They help to improve business operations by increasing profitability and customer base.

They also help the users to manage and understand the customers and look for ways to increase customer loyalty. Some of these functions include;

Managing a Customer Base

The software allows the beauty salon to store and manage customers’ information. This is done by storing the customer’s contact details, such as emails and telephone contacts.

By doing this, the salon can inform the clients about any new company activity through noting the customer’s preferences.

The user will therefore communicate matching information to their customer’s needs. 

Keeping Client’s Information

The CRM database has a centralized data area that stores all the contact records, including the products that each of them use.

It gives business owners a holistic view of all their customers depending on their classification preferences. This translates to closing on the sales deals,  offering exclusive customer support and having an omnichannel marketing capability.

Scheduling Appointments

The software allows customers to book appointments with the beauty salon using the salon’s website or their preferred communication channel. On the same note, the staff receives the information in real-time and books the appointment without conflicting timelines. This helps in better management and organizing their schedules.

Online Booking

Online booking is a real-time and efficient method of scheduling appointments for beauty salons. Using CRM software, the staff receive the messages instantly. They allocate it to the correct department immediately for action. 

Within minutes, the customer gets feedback on the availability of the scheduled times. If the slot is filled up,  they get information about the available slots, which they can book immediately.

Automatic Reminders

The beauty salons that have this system enjoy this automatic feature. Customers are automatically notified about any events and news on loyalty programs that are up to date with the current happenings in the company.  On the same note, the customers are notified about their scheduled appointment .While this is done, the company’s data remains secure.


This is where the system offers the users business insights about customer service levels and sales trends. This data can help make informed decisions regarding the customer’s future value.

This is done by validating the customer’s data and understanding their habits, so business owners can generate more profitable leads.


CRM software helps connect the software and any third-party applications easily. This enhances automatic functions, so the user does not have to toggle back by switching through the systems now and then.

Benefits of Using CRM-Systems

Using CRM systems in management has enormous benefits. Some of these include:

Making Work easier – CRM offers mobile capabilities, so the customer service or salesforce team can access information wherever possible. They can also update the system, allowing the other departments to get real-time information as they fight with their competitors.

Better Quality of Service – Every business desires to offer high-quality services. And with CRM software, information relayed is always quality and on time.

Increasing Customers Return – Because beauty salons look forward to long-term customers, the constant interactions with the clients through giving updated information enables them to revisit the salon for upgraded and quality service.

Increasing Customer Loyalty – This software allows salons to build meaningful relationships with their clients. This enhances customer loyalty, as well as the other service users, including the suppliers and partners. In the end, more profitable relationships are realized.

TOP 5 CRM-Systems for Beauty Salons and their Functions.

While there are numerous CRM Systems for beauty salons, we have researched the five best, and these are details below:

  1. DIKIDI 

This is a free online booking and service relationship management system for beauty salons that every salon should have. Some of the functions  offered here include;

  • Ability to book your services online. This is done through the DIKIDI online app, Facebook, using the Dikidi website, Vkontakte widget, Branded app, Instagram and direct links.
  • Pricing.
  • Notifications and reminders.
  • Integrations.
  1. Gobony Business 

This is an all-in-one CRM software that will drive traffic for your salon and help the salon owner to take control of all the operations as they grow towards increasing the profits. Its primary functions include;

  • Defined catalogue for the salon’s pricing.
  • Ability to manage bookings using the app.
  • Appointment scheduling through drag and drop functionality.
  1. iSalon 

iSalon has existed for over three decades with excellent performance in offering salons with reputable software. Some of the functions that have made it a top-rated salons software include

  • Online booking.
  • Client record management.
  • Reports integration.
  • Appointment booking.
  • Handling multiple salons.
  • Stock control.
  1. Franpos 

With Franpos, the omni channel technology is where the invention of the CRM system takes place. This is where the majority of functions of the CRM systems have taken place. Amongst these functions are 

  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Mobility.
  • Manage service providers.
  • Sale of retail products.
  • Integrations.
  • Online booking widget.
  1. Yelo 

Yelo is a powerful, flexible, customizable salon CRM software with excellent functions. If you are looking to have your customers at your fingertips, this software will perform functions such as;

  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Inbuilt marketing tools.
  • Business analytics.
  • Online booking system.

Key Takeaway

Choosing the right CRM system for your beauty salon will allow you to track the revenues, manage customers and close on any issues raised as you work towards retention and returning customers who have been away for a while.


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