Custom Home Builders in Australia

Custom Home Builders in Australia

Are you looking for the best Australian Custom builders? Combining the innovations of top architects and the devotion of accomplished constructors, Global Prefabricated Kit Homes are the best choice for building your ideal residence.

” We Listen to your Needs, Design it to your Specifications and Build it to Your Dreams!”

It’s Time For Building Your Dream Custom Home

Our Introduction

We are the way to your dream home. Here at Custom Global Construction, we provide you with up-to-date home designs of various types. We assist you in shaping your journey from a rented apartment to your own well-furnished, airy and ventilated, well-designed, and spacious home.

Being the leading Aussie Custom Builders, we also focus on a huge range of homes which includes Brand new residential construction, luxury homes, fully-custom and semi-custom homes, high and medium density projects, exclusive log homes, hybrid homes and obviously kit home packages.It is wisely said that “Home is where the heart is”. So cherish the actual making of your fantasy home with us.

What Do We Offer?

Under our construction plan we offer you multiple services and features which are as follows:-.

Punctuality and trust – We are extremely punctual and trustworthy in the case of dates. We do finish our assignments in the timespan we promised or even earlier.

Economic construction – With us you need not to worry about the budget. We are much concerned about our client’s needs and ensure to give our best within the project budget.

Innovative thinking – We are always updated with the prevailing modern designs and decors. With this, we add our own creativity and also our client’s ideas to make their happy place much alluring and comforting.

Our Financial Status – Being a well-known Global Brand, we have a very high influence in the market and hold up all the benefits which may favor our clients.

Planning – Our work is always well-planned with a proper agenda. We start our projects on the basis of blueprints made by our people which ensures clarity of plans and budget to the clients. Also even if there is a minor miscalculation in the plans we keep our clients well-informed about it in order to have transparency among us.

Experienced Employees – We at Global, are well aware of the fact that how special feeling it is to have your own home. Thus, to make it perfect we have a group of highly skilled employees with enough work experience and all essential knowledge about their respective fields.

Talk less, Work more – We truly believe that, “Action speaks louder than words”. Thus, we focus more on our work efficiency and let our projects speak rather than just swanking about our name.

What Sets Us Apart?

It is quite obvious for the clients to have a lot of questions in their minds like Why only Global? Or Why not other Australian Custom Builders? We are more than glad to answer these. At Global Custom Homes, the clients are our topmost priority and we therefore consider them as our own family. We totally understand their sentiments of building their own home whether it is for the first time or not. We deal with each and every client by providing them appropriate guidance and individual observation. This makes us different from the other builders and constructors out there.

Our Team.

Ours is a very professional team with experts from all the fields working together whole-heartedly for months to make the journey to your dream house unforgettable. Our employees are the pillars of our strength. It is only because of their enormous talent, skill and hard work, that we are considered to be one of the best Australian Custom Builders. This very effective team of ours include:-

Project managers: they supervise the planning and delivery of all the projects and ensure that the work is done within the time limit

  1. Cost Planners: they draw a rough budget of the project proposed by you, if it exceeds your budget then they find a way to fix it up.
  2. Design Managers: they are basically the coordinators of the structure and design of your house
  3. Contract Administrators: they are the ones who execute the process of contract between us and the clients
  4. Construction and Site Managers: they are responsible for the actual construction process headed by the subcontractors on the site of the construction

Thus, our team members are altogether concerned about each and every aspect of our client’s projects and work towards the smooth running of the same.

Making Of Your Custom Homes.

People are usually happiest at home. Keeping this in our mind, we safeguard the interests of our clients by designing homes that particularly match their wishes and ideas. Each and every decision related to these houses is taken only after our client’s approval.

We as renowned Australian Custom Builders, at first require each and every detail regarding everything that you want to be there in your ideal home. The details from you can be in any form, for example – an already built home, an image, a drawing, some extra features, room designs, or just a random picture in your mind. We appreciate every single piece of information provided by you and try to implement it to the fullest to make your home similar to the one in your dreams.

Thus, you can absolutely rely on us for the accomplishment of your dream project and give us an opportunity to be a part of your beautiful journey.

Our Motive.

At Global, we are not only concerned about our individual gains but also about the collective gains of our clients and employees as well. During the construction period of our projects, we establish an emotional connection with our clients, and they too with us. Building homes is not only our means of earning money but it has some higher rationale.

For us as prominent Australian Custom Builders, it is a great honor to be fulfilling the dreams of thousands of people and to stay in their hearts always with the means of building their homes. Though it takes a lot of persistence and hard work to build a home the satisfaction from the client makes all the labor and toil worth it. Thus, the happy faces of our clients after the completion of their dream project are the real motive behind our existence.


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