How to Summon Oshun’s Assistance: Simple Steps and Advice.


    To ask oshun for help, create an altar with honey, sweet treats, and offerings related to love and beauty. Oshun is a beloved orisha in the yoruba religion, who is honored for her domain over fresh water, love, fertility, beauty, and wealth.

    As a divine feminine force, oshun is revered for her ability to heal the sick, bring love and happiness, and help women with their maternal concerns. Many people reach out to oshun with prayer, ritual, and offerings to seek her blessings and guidance in their lives.

    However, asking oshun for help requires preparation, intention, and respect. In this article, we will explore the steps to connect with oshun and receive her blessings for your love, creativity, and prosperity.

    How to Summon Oshun's Assistance: Simple Steps and Advice.


    Introduction To Oshun And Her Importance

    Who Is Oshun?

    Oshun is a revered deity in the yoruba religion, originating from west africa. She is a goddess of love, fertility, and beauty, associated with fresh water, rivers, and streams. She is known for her generous and caring nature, as well as her sensuality and nurturing qualities.

    Oshun’S Significance In Various Religions And Cultures

    Oshun is worshipped in various religions, such as santeria, candomble, and voodoo. Her influence can also be observed in the arts, music, and literature of different cultures. Due to her connection with water, she is often represented as a mermaid or a beautiful woman adorned with jewelry and gold.

    Oshun is also known for her healing powers and is believed to protect mothers and their children.

    In africa, oshun is venerated as one of the most important deities, and her followers celebrate her with yearly festivals and rituals. In the americas, her worship is often associated with the african diaspora, and her influence can be seen in the syncretic religions that emerged from the merging of african beliefs and catholicism.

    Oshun is a multifaceted deity, revered for her nurturing qualities, healing powers, and connection with water. She has a significant influence on various cultures and religions, inspiring art and music, and celebrated through yearly festivals and rituals.

    Step 1: Preparation And Setting The Mood

    Choosing The Right Time And Place For Summoning Oshun

    To effectively summon the assistance of oshun, it is crucial to pick the appropriate time and place. Below are some key points to remember:

    • Choose a time when you are most relaxed and in a calm state of mind. It is advisable to pick a time you won’t be interrupted.
    • Link your selected time with oshun’s cherished attributes, such as dawn or sunset since they symbolize growth and change.
    • Consider the place where you intend to summon oshun carefully. Look for a location where you can connect with nature. Pick a spot that brings back pleasant memories or makes you feel safe and comfortable.

    Creating A Quiet And Peaceful Environment

    Summoning oshun necessitates a quiet and peaceful setting. Here are some guidelines for creating such an environment:

    • Ensure that the place you choose is free of noise and distractions so that you can focus and connect with oshun on a deep level.
    • Make the area as serene as possible by turning off any electronic devices or outside sounds. Consider playing calming instrumental music or lighting some candles if you’d like.
    • Take some time to meditate or relax before contacting oshun to achieve a peaceful state of mind. It will allow you to resonate with oshun’s energy better.

    Setting Up An Altar For Oshun

    Creating an altar for oshun helps to focus your energy when summoning her. Here are the key things to keep in mind when setting up your altar:

    • Begin by picking a surface that’ll hold your chosen altar objects and complements your desired location. Then choose the objects that you want to set up on the altar, so you have everything you need to proceed.
    • Cleanse and sanctify (consecrate) the area before you start. Do this by smudging the space with incense and saying a prayer or setting your intention. Ensure that the area is inaccordance with your religious beliefs.
    • Decorate your altar with objects that symbolize your connection to oshun – objects such as yellow or gold candles, honey, mirrors, or gold and yellow fabrics.

    By adhering to these guidelines regarding preparation and setting the mood, you’ll optimize your experience when summoning oshun. Keep in mind that each individual summons her differently. As long as you come with pure intentions, an open heart, and respect for her powers, oshun will answer your call for assistance.

    Step 2: Connecting With Oshun Through Rituals And Offerings

    Oshun, the african goddess of love, fertility, and wealth, is believed to be one of the most powerful orishas. She is highly revered and much sought after for help in different aspects of life. To connect with her and seek her guidance, it’s essential to perform simple rituals and offer appropriate propitiations as shown in the following headings.

    Oshun’S Favourite Offerings

    Oshun is believed to love sweet things and anything associated with water, such as:

    • Honey
    • Cakes
    • Fruits (especially oranges and pineapples)
    • Seeds (such as sesame and sunflower)
    • White wine
    • Perfumes
    • Lotion and soap
    • Cowrie shells

    Simple Rituals To Invoke Oshun’S Help

    Here’re some simple rituals that can help you connect with oshun and invoke her assistance:

    • Create an altar by placing a picture or statue of oshun in front of you. Light up some candles, especially if they’re yellow or gold. Burn some incense such as myrrh or frankincense.
    • Chant her praise name, “oriki,” which goes like “omi ye ye o, oshun olodi meji aare,” which means “oshun, source of fresh water, the goddess of the two rivers, we greet you.”
    • Pour some water into a bowl while saying your specific prayers and desires.
    • Add some of oshun’s favourite offerings in it and then wait for her to answer your prayers.

    Best Practices For Propitiating Oshun

    To ensure that oshun hears and responds to your prayers and offerings, follow these propitiating tips:

    • When giving offerings, offer with a joyful heart and come with good intentions. It’s important always to be sincere in your prayers and offerings.
    • Light yellow, gold, or amber candles and place them near the offering. These colors represent oshun’s aura.
    • Always put oshun’s offerings in a small bowl or container. Avoid throwing or leaving food offerings on the ground as they may attract unwanted creatures or spirits.
    • Cleanse the offering area or your altar regularly with smoke from incense or herbs.
    • Maintain positive energy by staying away from negative emotions, especially anger and jealousy, which can drive oshun’s help away.

    Now that you understand how to connect with oshun via rituals and offerings, go ahead and ask for her help. Trust that she will aid you in solving your problems and granting your desires.

    Step 3: Spiritual Communication With Oshun

    How To Communicate With Oshun?

    Connecting with oshun, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, is an integral part of summoning her assistance to help with different aspects of your life. Here are some ways to communicate with oshun:

    • Meditation: Sit in a quiet place and focus your mind on oshun, calling her name and asking for her guidance. Visualize a clear connection with her and feel her energy around you.
    • Prayer and offering: Offer her a small token of appreciation, such as flowers, honey or cinnamon candies, while reciting a prayer. Speak from the heart and be genuine in your request.
    • Movement: Through dance, or slow movements such as yoga or stretching, you can incorporate oshun’s energy into your body and spirit. You can also listen to music that invokes her spirit.
    • Divination: Using divination tools such as tarot or oracle cards, you can ask for oshun’s guidance and interpret the symbols she presents. Pay attention to your intuition and trust the messages you receive.

    Understanding The Messages From Oshun

    Once you connect with oshun, she may present her messages in different forms. Here are some ways to understand her messages:

    • Symbolism: Oshun often presents herself through symbolism such as yellow flowers, mirrors, peacock feathers, and honey. Pay attention to any symbols that come up in your dreams or daily life, as they may have a deeper meaning.
    • Intuition: Listen to your inner voice and trust your gut feeling. Oshun may send you messages through your intuition, so be open and receptive.
    • Signs: Look out for synchronicities such as repeating numbers or patterns, as they may be a message from oshun. You can also ask for a sign, and if it appears, trust that it is from her.
    • Emotions: Oshun is associated with joy, love, and positivity. If you feel an overwhelming sense of peace and happiness, it may be a sign that she is with you.

    Common Signs And Symbols Of Oshun

    Oshun’s energy is present all around us, and there are several signs and symbols associated with her. Here are some of the most common:

    • Yellow flowers: Oshun is often associated with yellow flowers such as sunflowers, marigolds, and daisies. Seeing these flowers may be a sign that she is with you.
    • Honey: Oshun loves honey, and it is often used as an offering to her. If you see honey or dream of honey, it could be a message from her.
    • Mirrors: Oshun is often depicted holding a mirror, and it symbolizes self-love and reflection. Seeing a mirror may be a sign to focus on self-care.
    • Water: As the goddess of water, oshun is often associated with rivers, waterfalls, and natural springs. Seeing water or hearing the sound of water may be a sign to connect with her.
    • Peacock feathers: The peacock is oshun’s sacred animal, and its feathers are often used in spiritual practices. Seeing peacock feathers may be a sign that she is with you.

    By communicating with oshun and paying attention to her messages and symbols, you can invite her assistance into your life and experience her divine presence.

    Dealing With Common Problems And Challenges During Oshun Invocation

    Summoning oshun’s assistance can be a life-changing experience that can positively impact your overall wellbeing. However, invoking the deity could also present some challenges. This section will address some potential issues that you may come across while invoking oshun and how you can overcome them.

    Not Seeing Any Results: What Could Be The Reasons?

    If you’ve been trying to summon the assistance of oshun and haven’t seen any significant improvement, you may be feeling disappointed or frustrated. Here are some possible reasons for this:

    • Lack of focus: When invoking oshun, it is essential to have a clear intention and focus. Be sure to concentrate on what you want to achieve.
    • Lack of faith: If you do not believe in what you are doing, you may not see the results you desire. Try to build up your faith and trust in oshun.
    • Not following the correct ritual procedures: Without adhering to the correct procedures, you may not reach oshun effectively. Ensure that you study and follow the appropriate steps.
    • Misaligned energy: Your energy may be blocking the flow of the energies invoked during the ritual to oshun. Practice meditation or yoga to clear your energy and maintain a positive mindset.

    Dealing With Doubt And Lack Of Faith

    Doubts and a lack of faith in your ability to invoke oshun are normal. However, if these thoughts influence your overall outlook on life, reaching out to oshun may be even more difficult. Here are some simple suggestions to help you overcome these:

    • Meditation: During meditation, allow yourself to appreciate oshun’s power and seek her support.
    • Positive affirmations: Tell yourself positive affirmations, such as “i trust oshun to help me,” or “i am grateful for oshun’s assistance.” Speak them loudly so that your subconscious mind starts to accept and believe them.
    • Journaling: Writing down your intentions and desires is cathartic. Keep a positive journal for you to reference; it helps you to realize your faith in oshun’s power.

    What To Do When Things Go Wrong?

    During oshun’s invocation, things sometimes go wrong, and it’s easy to lose confidence. If this happens, don’t despair; instead, stay optimistic and take these steps:

    • Stay calm: If you find that things aren’t going as planned, take a moment to calm yourself. Avoid being overwhelmed by your emotions. Try to analyze what went wrong, so you don’t make the same mistake in the future.
    • Adjust the offerings: Offerings to oshun represent gratitude, so it’s essential to give the offerings according to the guidelines. Improper or insufficient offerings might hurt your chances of receiving oshun’s assistance.
    • Repeat the process: Sometimes, oshun may be guiding you to utilize another process or wait a longer time to receive her blessing. Stay patient, and continue to repeat the process until you receive her guidance. Remember that things may not come when you want them, but they come when they should.

    By following these tips, you should be able to overcome any roadblocks that you face while summoning oshun’s assistance. Trust in her and her powers, have faith in yourself, and believe that you can create meaningful changes in your life.

    Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Ask Oshun For Help

    How Do I Ask Oshun For Help?

    To ask for oshun’s help, you can create an altar, light candles, and offer her honey, oranges, and other sweet things. Make your request known and be open to receiving guidance in many forms, such as dreams or synchronistic events.

    Remember to express gratitude for her help.

    What Does Oshun Represent In Yoruba Religion?

    In yoruba religion, oshun is the goddess of love, fertility, and feminine sensuality. She is associated with the river and is known for her healing powers. Oshun is often depicted in yellow or gold robes, surrounded by water.

    What Are The Benefits Of Connecting With Oshun?

    Connecting with oshun can bring fertility, abundance, love, and joy into your life. She can also help with emotional healing, especially related to relationships or trauma. Oshun is known for her ability to provide guidance and bring light to difficult situations.


    Asking for help from a deity requires belief and trust in their power and ability to aid us. Oshun, the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty, is known for her kindness and ability to heal emotional wounds. By using her tools like honey, pumpkins, and cowries, and practicing ritual offerings and prayers, we can communicate our desires and intentions to her.

    It is important to approach oshun with respect and a pure heart, and to be patient and listen to what she tells us in return. The process of asking oshun for help can be transformative, helping us to let go of negative emotions and draw in positivity and light.

    By showing gratitude for her blessings, we honor her power and create a deeper connection with her. May this guide help you in your journey to connect with oshun and receive her divine assistance.


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