How to Bypass Linkvertise: Simple and Effective Solutions.


    To bypass linkvertise, use a link unshortener tool or a vpn service. If you’re annoyed with linkvertise ads blocking your desired content, you can easily get rid of them.

    Linkvertise is a url shortening service that lets you earn money while sharing links, but often causes headaches for users who experience a seemingly endless stream of ads. Fortunately, there are various ways to bypass linkvertise, such as using a link unshortener tool or a vpn service.

    Both methods are effective and streamlined, allowing you to access your preferred content without having to endure unwanted ads. In this article, we’ll explore the details of these methods to help you bypass linkvertise effortlessly.

    How to Bypass Linkvertise: Simple and Effective Solutions.


    Understanding Linkvertise And Its Purpose

    What Is Linkvertise?

    Linkvertise is a platform that allows content creators to monetize their online content by using link shortening services. It generates revenue by using a paywall that visitors must bypass before accessing the original content. Here are the main points you need to know about linkvertise:

    • Linkvertise is a web-based tool that helps website owners and content creators to shorten links, earn money and track traffic.
    • It is a free tool that helps users to obtain valuable information about their clicks, audience and referral sources.
    • Linkvertise allows access to restricted content only after completing a task, such as filling in a survey or clicking on an advertisement.

    How Does Linkvertise Work?

    Linkvertise works by using a pay-per-click advertising model. When a user clicks on a shortened linkvertise link, they are directed to a page that contains an advertisement or other message that must be completed before being given access to the original content.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Content creators submit their original urls to linkvertise, which shortens the url and provides statistics on clicks, views, and referrals.
    • Once the shortened url is created, the content creator can share it on their website, social media, or other online platforms.
    • When a user clicks on the shortened url, they are directed to a page containing an advertisement or survey that must be completed before accessing the original content.
    • After completing the task, the user is redirected to the original content, and the content creator earns revenue from the advertiser.

    Why Does Linkvertise Use A Paywall?

    Linkvertise uses a paywall to generate revenue for its content creators. Each time a visitor completes a task, such as filling in a survey or clicking on an advertisement, the content creator earns a commission.

    Here are some reasons why linkvertise uses a paywall:

    • To help content creators earn money for their content. By using a pay-per-click advertising model, linkvertise allows content creators to monetize their content.
    • To provide a more secure experience for visitors. Linkvertise uses a secure payment system to ensure that visitors’ personal information is protected.
    • To create a more personalized experience for visitors. With linkvertise, visitors can choose the type of task they want to complete to access the original content, creating a more customized experience.

    The Problems With Linkvertise

    What Are The Common Issues Experienced With Linkvertise?

    Linkvertise is a url shortening service that allows users to monetize the links on their website using a pay-per-click system. However, using linkvertise can lead to several issues that can hamper your browsing experience and affect your device’s security. Here are some of the common problems experienced by users of linkvertise.

    • Lengthy waiting periods before accessing the content that the link leads to.
    • Pop-up ads that open in new windows or tabs.
    • Unwanted and potentially harmful downloads.
    • Redirects to different web pages that could be a threat to the device.
    • Misleading links that don’t lead to the intended content.

    Why Do Users Seek Ways To Bypass Linkvertise?

    Due to the issues mentioned above, users look for methods to bypass or skip the linkvertise links. Some of the reasons why users seek ways to bypass linkvertise are as follows.

    • To avoid wasting time waiting for the link to open.
    • To prevent pop-up ads from opening.
    • To avoid downloading unwanted and potentially harmful files.
    • To skip redirects to web pages that can pose a threat to the device.
    • To skip the pay-per-click system and access the content directly.

    How Harmful Can Linkvertise Be?

    Although linkvertise itself is not harmful, using it can lead to various issues that can harm your device’s security. The following are some of the potential dangers of using linkvertise.

    • Malicious downloads of files or software that contain viruses or malware.
    • The possibility of phishing scams that can steal personal information such as login credentials, credit card details, and more.
    • The risk of redirecting users to web pages that contain inappropriate or harmful content.

    It is essential to exercise caution while using linkvertise and ensure that you have an effective antivirus program installed to keep your device safe.

    Effective Solutions To Bypass Linkvertise

    How To Bypass Linkvertise: Simple And Effective Solutions

    Have you ever come across linkvertise when you were trying to download a file or watch a tutorial video? If yes, then this article is for you. Linkvertise is a website that monetizes links by requiring users to watch an advertisement before proceeding to the actual link.

    This can be quite frustrating and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are simple and effective solutions to bypass linkvertise. Here are two of them:

    Solution 1: Using A Simple Javascript Code

    You can use a simple javascript code to bypass linkvertise. Follow these steps:

    • Visit the linkvertise website, and copy the link you want to bypass.
    • Open a new tab in your browser, and go to https: //
    • Paste the copied link into the jsfiddle editor.
    • Click the ‘run’ button.
    • You will be redirected to a new page containing the original link.
    • Voila! You have successfully bypassed linkvertise.

    Solution 2: Using A Linkvertise Bypass Extension

    Another simple approach is to use a linkvertise bypass extension. Follow these steps:

    • Open your browser, and search for the ‘linkvertise bypass extension.’
    • Click the link to download the extension.
    • Install the extension by following the installation wizard instructions.
    • After installation, the extension should appear on your browser toolbar.
    • Visit the linkvertise website and click the extension icon.
    • The advertisement will be skipped, and you will be redirected to the original link automatically.

    The above two solutions are simple and efficient in bypassing linkvertise. You can choose one that suits you best, depending on your preferences. By following these methods, you will save time and avoid unnecessary ads.

    Potential Risks Of Bypassing Linkvertise

    As we all know, bypassing linkvertise can be a tempting solution to avoid dealing with annoying ads and redirects. Nevertheless, doing so comes with its own set of risks. Before jumping onto the bandwagon, it’s important to understand what these risks are and how users can minimize them.

    What Are The Risks Of Bypassing Linkvertise?

    • Exposure to malware: One of the biggest risks of bypassing linkvertise is exposing your device to malicious software. Ads and redirects on linkvertise are designed to protect users from malware, but when you skip them, you risk opening up your device to a potential attack.
    • Legal issues: Bypassing linkvertise may go against their terms and conditions. While using a bypassing tool, you may also be violating copyright laws related to the content you’re trying to access. Engaging in any illegal activity can result in significant legal issues.
    • Broken links: By bypassing linkvertise, you’re essentially skipping a vital step in the content delivery process. As a result, you may come across broken links, which can waste your time and cause frustration.

    How Can Users Minimize These Risks?

    • Use reputable bypassing tools: When it comes to bypassing linkvertise, it’s essential to use trusted tools. Some of the popular ones include universal bypass, linkvertise bypasser, and adsbypasser. Ensure that the tool you choose is from a reliable source and is frequently updated.
    • Invest in a good antivirus software: To minimize the risk of exposure to malware, it’s essential to use a robust antivirus software that regularly scans your computer for threats. Make sure you keep it updated to ensure maximum protection.
    • Respect copyright laws: By bypassing linkvertise, you may be violating copyright laws. If you’re unsure about the legality of using a tool to bypass linkvertise, refrain from doing so.
    • Be cautious while browsing: Regardless of whether you’re bypassing linkvertise or not, always be wary while browsing the internet. Avoid clicking on suspicious links and never download anything from a source you don’t trust.

    Bypassing linkvertise may seem like a time-saving solution at the moment, but it comes with its own set of risks. It’s essential to understand these risks and take mitigation measures to protect yourself and your device.

    Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Bypass Linkvertise

    How Does Linkvertise Work?

    Linkvertise is a url shortening service that allows content creators to monetize their content by requiring visitors to complete a survey or watch an ad before accessing the actual content.

    Why Would Someone Want To Bypass Linkvertise?

    Some individuals might want to bypass linkvertise because the surveys and ads can be time-consuming and annoying to deal with.

    Is It Legal To Bypass Linkvertise?

    Bypassing linkvertise to access content without completing the required surveys or ads is considered a violation of their terms of service and is not legal.

    Can You Bypass Linkvertise Without Completing The Surveys?

    There is no guaranteed way to bypass linkvertise without completing the surveys or ads, as doing so is a violation of their terms of service.

    Are There Any Alternatives To Linkvertise?

    Yes, there are many alternative url shortening services available that do not require users to complete surveys or watch ads before accessing content, such as tinyurl, bitly, or rebrandly.


    After exploring the different methods for bypassing linkvertise, we can conclude that there are various ways to access the desired content without having to complete the irritating surveys and advertisements. Using url shortener services and browser extensions like universal bypass can significantly cut down on your time and frustration.

    However, it is important to remember that these bypass methods may have their own security risks and to use them carefully. Always be cautious and vigilant while browsing the internet. Additionally, it is recommended to use a trusted antivirus software and ad-blocker to protect yourself from potential threats.

    With the use of these methods and precautions, bypassing linkvertise can become a hassle-free experience. Remember to stay informed and stay safe while browsing.


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