How to Highlight and Circle like a Pro in Google Docs


    To circle something in google docs, use the “drawing” tool and select the circle shape. This tool allows you to annotate and highlight specific elements in your document easily.

    Google docs is a free online word processing software offered by google. Its collaborative approach and simple sharing system make it one of the most popular word processors in the world today. While working on a document in google docs, sometimes you might need to highlight or circle a particular text or image to emphasize its importance.

    Fortunately, google docs has a “drawing” tool that you can use to add shapes and annotations to your documents. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to circle something in google docs using the drawing tool.

    How to Highlight and Circle like a Pro in Google Docs


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    Why Highlighting And Circling Is Important In Google Docs

    Organize And Emphasize Important Information Within Your Document

    When you are creating or editing a document in google docs, it is important to organize your information in a clear and concise format. Highlighting and circling important information is a simple but effective way to draw attention to key points within a document.

    Bullet points:

    • Highlighting and circling important information can help you create a more structured and organized document.
    • By emphasizing key points, it helps your readers quickly find the information they need.
    • Organizing your information into specific sections with highlighted headings can make it easier to navigate the document.

    Improve Readability And Clarity For Your Readers

    Highlighting and circling in google docs can greatly improve the readability and clarity of your document for your readers. By visually differentiating important information from supporting content, you can create a natural flow that guides your reader through the document.

    Bullet points:

    • Highlighting and circling important information can make your document more visually appealing and engaging.
    • By improving readability and clarity, the reader can more easily understand the main idea and purpose of your document.
    • By emphasizing important points, you prioritize the most important information in your document, improving the reader’s experience.

    Make Your Point More Effectively With Visual Cues

    Incorporating visual cues in your document can be a great way to make your point more effectively. Highlighting and circling are two simple but effective ways to visually emphasize particular information in your document.

    Bullet points:

    • By using visual cues such as circling, you can effectively draw attention to important information, making it more memorable for the reader.
    • Visual cues help to highlight the main idea and purpose of your document so that the reader clearly understands your point.
    • Using visual cues can make your document more interesting to read and engaging for the reader.

    Save Time And Enhance Productivity In Document Creation And Editing

    While highlighting and circling in google docs may seem like a small addition, it can have a big impact on your workflow and productivity. By visually identifying key information, you won’t have to spend as much time searching through your document for important points.

    Bullet points:

    • By highlighting and circling important information, you can easily identify key points and refer back to them later without wasting time.
    • Document creation and editing can be a time-consuming task, but highlighting and circling can help you stay on track while keeping your notes and ideas organized.
    • By saving time through highlighting and circling, you can increase productivity and get more done in less time.

    Essential Tools And Techniques For Highlighting And Circling

    Google docs is a fantastic tool for creating and editing documents of all kinds. Highlighting and circling are both essential techniques that can help you to draw attention to specific parts of your document. We will discuss the various effects you can apply to highlight and circle texts, shapes, and images in a google docs document.

    Highlight Text: Simple Steps For Highlighting Text With Different Colors, Including Shortcuts

    Highlight text using colors in google docs can help make it more eye-catching and emphasize certain passages. Here are some simple steps to highlight text:

    • Select the text you want to highlight.
    • Click the paint bucket icon in the toolbar.
    • Choose the color you want to use or select “custom” to create a new color.
    • Alternatively, you can use shortcuts: Control + alt + h (windows) or command + alt + h (mac) to highlight text.

    Highlight Shapes: How To Fill Shapes With Color Or Highlight Color

    Highlighting shapes is useful when you want to add emphasis to an area on the page.

    • Insert the shape you want to highlight.
    • Click on the shape to select it.
    • Click the fill color button and choose the color you want to apply.
    • Alternatively, you can highlight the shape by adding a border.

    Highlight Images: Visual Tricks For Adding Highlights To Your Images

    Highlighting images is an excellent way to emphasize an image’s important parts and draw the reader’s attention.

    • Insert the image you want to highlight.
    • Click on the image to select it.
    • Click on the “drawing” button in the toolbar.
    • Choose “new” and then select “image” to create a new image.
    • Use the pencil tool to draw the highlight on the image.

    Highlight Parts Of Text: How To Highlight Specific Parts Of A Text With Shadows Or Background Colors

    Highlighting parts of the text can help to draw attention to specific words or phrases.

    • Select the text you want to highlight.
    • Click on the “format” menu in the toolbar.
    • Choose “text.” Then select “text highlight color” and choose a color.
    • Alternatively, you can add a shadow to a section of text.

    Highlight Tables: Tips And Tricks For Highlighting Different Sections Of Tables In Google Docs

    Google docs tables are useful for visually grouping related pieces of content.

    • Select the table you would like to highlight.
    • Click the paint bucket icon to choose the color.
    • Choose the cells or the rows/columns to fill with color.
    • Perfect! Your table has now been highlighted.

    Circle Text: Steps For Creating A Circle Around Text Boxes

    Circling text boxes is a great way to help the text stand out.

    • Insert a text box.
    • Click on the “insert” menu in the toolbar.
    • Choose “shape” and then select the circle shape.
    • Drag out the circle to fit around the text box.

    Circle Shapes: How To Add Circles To Different Shapes, And How To Customize The Circle’S Size And Color

    Circling shapes can help to highlight its essential parts and make it more eye-catching.

    • Insert the shape you want to circle.
    • Click on “insert” and select “shape.”
    • Choose the circle shape and adjust its size and color.
    • Finally, drag the circle over the other shape.

    Circle Images: Tips For Circling Images To Draw Readers’ Attention

    Circling images can be an effective way to highlight important details.

    • Select the image that you want to circle.
    • Click on the “drawing” button in the toolbar.
    • Choose “new” and select “shape.”
    • Choose the circular form and drag it above the image.
    • Then, group the image and circle by clicking and dragging over these two.

    Grouping Objects: How To Use Grouping To Add Circles To Multiple Objects

    Grouping shapes allows you to edit their appearance and position as a single entity.

    • Select the objects you want to group, hold down the shift key and click on each one.
    • Click “arrange,” then choose “group.”
    • Afterward, select the circle form and drag it over the objects.
    • Finally, assemble the objects and circle by selecting them all and clicking “arrange” and “group.”

    These simple techniques can help you to create visually appealing documents and draw your reader’s attention to specific parts of your content.

    Tips And Best Practices For Highlighting And Circling Success

    Google docs has become an essential tool for professional writers, and highlighting and circling text within your document have become increasingly critical to improving document organization and flow. So, how can you make your highlighting and circling stand out? Here are some best practices to follow:

    Consistency: How To Be Consistent With Your Highlighting And Circling Style

    When highlighting and circling phrases within your document, it’s crucial to be consistent with your style. Consistency ensures that your document looks neat and professional. Here are some tips on how to maintain consistency:

    • Pick a highlighting and circling style and stick to it throughout the document.
    • Use the same color scheme throughout your document so that your keywords and phrases can be quickly identified.
    • Create a legend or key to explain your highlighting rules to your readers.

    Contrast: The Importance Of Choosing The Right Colors Of Highlighting And Circling For Readability

    Choosing the right colors for highlighting and circling is essential for improving readability. Your colors should contrast well with the document’s background, as well as having sufficient brightness to ensure they stand out. Here are some guidelines to follow:

    • Use colors that contrast with the document’s background. For example, use a light color on a dark background and a dark color on a light one.
    • Mind the intensity of the colors you use. Avoid using colors that appear washed out or too bright, as they can be hard on the eyes.
    • Use warm colors like yellow for highlighting to exude a sense of positivity, or blue for circling to emphasize important points.

    Clarity: How To Achieve Clarity By Using Contrasting Hues And Complementary Colors

    Clarity is crucial when highlighting and circling text in your document. Using contrasting hues and complementary colors can help improve readability and organization. Here are some guidelines to follow:

    • Use complementary colors to help the highlighted text stand out. For example, if the background is blue, use an orange highlighter.
    • Choose colors that have a particular meaning, like red for spelling errors, or blue for citations.
    • Using contrasting hues can draw attention to important text, so apply colors together that differ distinctly.

    Proper Use Of Emphasis: How To Use The Highlighting And Circling Tools Effectively And Appropriately.

    When highlighting and circling text in your document, it’s essential to use these tools appropriately to avoid cluttering or confusing the reader. Here are some tips:

    • Only highlight and circle key phrases that are relevant to the document’s content.
    • Use highlighting and circling to emphasize, not to overload, the reader with information.
    • Use these tools sparingly; too much highlighting or circling can take away from the focus of your document.

    By following these highlighting and circling best practices, you can improve your document’s organization and readability, making your content clearer and more engaging to your readers. So, get highlighting and circling!

    Frequently Asked Questions For How To Circle Something In Google Docs

    How Do I Circle Something In Google Docs?

    To circle something in google docs, go to the “insert” tab, select “drawing”, draw a circle, and click “save and close”. You can then move the circle to the desired location on the document.

    Can I Resize Or Color My Circle In Google Docs?

    Yes, you can resize or change the color of your circle in google docs. Select the circle, then use the resize handles to adjust its size or the “fill color” tool to change its color.

    Can I Add Text Inside The Circle?

    Yes, you can add text inside the circle. Select the circle, go to the “drawing” tab, and select “text box”. Type your desired text into the text box, then adjust the size, font, and position as needed.

    Can I Move The Circle After Adding It To The Document?

    Yes, you can move the circle after you have added it to your google docs document. Simply click on the circle to select it and drag it to its new location.

    Can I Delete The Circle If I Change My Mind?

    Yes, you can easily delete the circle by selecting it and pressing the “delete” key on your keyboard or clicking the “trash can” icon in the toolbar.


    Seeing how easy it is to circle something in google docs can be quite surprising for many users. The feature is quite simple to use, and it can help to save a lot of time for anybody who works with digital documents frequently.

    There are several ways to circle something in google docs, and each of them can be quickly employed to achieve the desired results. These methods include using the drawing tool, the shapes tool, and the text box tool. These tools allow you to add more creativity and precision to your work while enhancing its visual appeal.

    So, next time you need to circle something in google docs, don’t hesitate to use any of these methods. The result will be a professional-looking document without wasting any effort.


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