Master the Art of Crafting a Healer Pixelmon: A Comprehensive Guide


    Crafting a healer pixelmon requires a flower, aluminum plate, and wheat. To craft it, place the aluminum plate in the center, surrounded by wheat, with a flower above it.

    When it comes to playing pixelmon, one of the important things to consider is crafting a healer pixelmon. This special item can be used to restore your pokemon’s health whenever you need it. It’s easy to make, and all you need are three things: a flower, an aluminum plate, and some wheat.

    By combining these items in the correct pattern, you can create your very own healer pixelmon. In this article, we’ll show you how to craft a healer pixelmon and make sure your pokemon are always in top condition.

    Master the Art of Crafting a Healer Pixelmon: A Comprehensive Guide


    Understanding The Basics Of Crafting A Healer Pixelmon

    If you’re an avid pixelmon player, you already know the importance of having a healthy and thriving team of pokemon at your disposal. One of the easiest ways to keep your roster in good health is by crafting a healer pixelmon.

    Here, we’ll cover the basics of crafting a healer pixelmon, including the different types of machines available, the materials needed, and how to gather them.

    Explanation Of Healer Pixelmon And Their Purpose

    A healer pixelmon is a machine that can be used to heal all the pokemon in your team at the same time, regardless of their status ailments. It’s vital to have at least one in your inventory at all times as it saves you from traveling back and forth from the nearest pokemon center.

    The machine is a time-saver, which is particularly useful when you’re in a battle.

    Types Of Healing Machines And Their Differences

    There are three different types of healing machines: healing tables, healing benches, and healing centers. Each of these has a different recipe, size, and recovery speed.

    • Healing tables: This is the easiest healing machine to craft and ideal for beginners. It’s small in size, so you can easily carry it on your person. It’s designed to recover one pokemon at a time and requires a wooden table, glowstone dust, and aluminum plates to craft.
    • Healing benches: The healing bench is an improved version of the healing table. It can recover up to two pokemons simultaneously, and its recovery speed is faster than the healing table. However, it requires a bit more material to craft, including two wooden tables, glowstone dust, aluminum plates, and redstone blocks.
    • Healing centers: Healing centers are the largest healing machines available in pixelmon. They are massive structures that can house multiple pokemons. One healing center can recover all your team members in one go. Additionally, the healing center can be customized with a pc box, mart, and other useful amenities. However, crafting a healing center requires a lot of resources, including a diamond block, two gold blocks, a pc, and a healing table.

    Materials Required To Craft A Healer Pixelmon

    The recipe for each healing machine is unique. Still, they all have a few materials in common: aluminum plates and glowstone dust. Here is a list of the materials you’ll need to craft each healing machine.

    Healing Table

    • Wooden planks x 4
    • Glowstone dust x 1
    • Aluminum ingot x 2

    Healing Bench

    • Wooden planks x 8
    • Glowstone dust x 2
    • Aluminum ingot x 4
    • Redstone block x 1

    Healing Center

    • Blocks of gold x 2
    • Diamond block x 1
    • Redstone lamp x 1
    • Aluminum plate x 4
    • Glass pane x 4
    • Pc x 1
    • Healing table x 1

    How To Gather The Necessary Materials

    Now that you know the materials required to craft a healer pixelmon, your next task is to gather them all. The best way to find aluminum ingots is by mining them. You can find them underground at around y level 40 in pixelmon.

    Glowstone dust can be acquired in the nether by breaking glowstone blocks. Wooden planks are obtained by cutting down trees, and for glass pane, you will need to smelt glass blocks. Assembling a team to establish a large-scale resource farm is an excellent strategy to gather all the materials required for the crafting process.

    Crafting a healer pixelmon is necessary if you want to keep your pokemon team in top form. Healer pixelmon machines are user-friendly, customizable, and designed to make your life a lot easier. Additionally, choosing the right healer pixelmon machine for your needs is crucial as they differ in size, recovery speed, and the number of creatures they can heal at the same time.

    We hope that this guide has helped you in understanding the basics of crafting a healer pixelmon in pixelmon.

    Crafting A Healing Machine

    Crafting a healing machine: step-by-step guide to crafting a healing machine

    Pixelmon is a popular game that allows players to capture and battle creatures called pixelmon. Like any other game, pixelmon has rules and strategies that players need to follow to advance. One important aspect of the game is the healer pixelmon, which allows players to easily heal their injured pixelmon in a matter of seconds.

    Crafting a healing machine requires some effort, but the payoff is worth it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting the perfect healer pixelmon.

    To craft a healing machine, you will need the following items:

    • 3 iron ingots
    • 2 pieces of redstone dust
    • 1 diamond
    • 1 glowstone dust

    Once you have gathered these items, follow these steps:

    • Open the crafting table by right-clicking.
    • Put the 3 iron ingots in the top row of the crafting table.
    • Place the 2 redstone dust below the iron ingots.
    • Put the diamond in the middle of the second row.
    • Place the glowstone dust in the center of the third row.
    • Voila! Your healing machine is ready.

    How To Place The Healing Machine

    Now that you have successfully crafted your healing machine, the next step is finding the perfect spot to place it for maximum benefit. Here are some tips for placing your healing machine:

    • Place your healing machine in a central location that is easily accessible to your pixelmon.
    • If you have a pixelmon center, placing your healing machine there is a great option.
    • Make sure that the healing machine is not obstructed by any other objects that could prevent its use.
    • Ensure there is ample space around the healing machine so that your pixelmon can access it quickly.

    Finding The Right Location For The Healing Machine

    It is essential to find the right location for your healing machine to make the most of its healing properties. Here are some tips to consider:

    • Look for an area with ample space for pixelmon to move around freely.
    • Find a location that is shielded from rainfall or other weather conditions that could cause damage to the healing machine.
    • Place the healing machine in an easily accessible area.

    Ensuring The Healing Machine Is Powered

    Power is essential for your healing machine to function correctly. Here are some tips to ensure that your healing machine is powered:

    • Check that your healing machine has the necessary power source connected.
    • Double-check that your power source is not obstructed by any obstacles.
    • Make sure that the machine has the correct power level for optimal performance.

    Crafting the perfect healer pixelmon takes a little time and effort. But with this guide, you can easily create the ideal healing machine for your pixelmon. Get ready to enjoy healing your pixelmon with a just a touch of a button!

    Creating A Healer Pixelmon

    Choosing The Right Pixelmon To Create A Healer

    If you want to craft a healer pixelmon, you have to know which pixelmon will make the best healer. Choosing the right pixelmon is crucial to creating a successful healer pixelmon. Here are some things to consider:

    • Look for pixelmon with high hit points (hp) since healers need to be able to withstand damage.
    • Choose pixelmon of the fairy or grass type since they have access to moves that can heal.
    • Consider pixelmon that can learn moves like heal bell, aromatherapy, and soft-boiled since these moves restore hp and remove status conditions.

    How To Train A Pixelmon To Become A Healer

    Now that you have a suitable pixelmon, it’s time to train it to become a healer. Here are some tips to follow:

    • Focus on training your pixelmon’s special attack and special defense since these stats are usually tied to healing moves.
    • Teach it moves that heal, such as soft-boiled, recover, and synthesis, as well as moves that remove status conditions, like aromatherapy, heal bell, or refresh.
    • Consider training your pixelmon’s speed stat since it would be beneficial for your healer to act quickly during battle.
    • Increase your pixelmon’s experience points by battling other pixelmon and trainers. The more you level up your pixelmon, the more effective it will be at healing.

    How To Add The Healing Move To Your Pixelmon’S Moveset

    To create a successful healer pixelmon, you need to ensure that it knows the right moves. Here are the steps to add a healing move to your pixelmon’s moveset:

    • Check if your pixelmon can learn the move you want to teach it.
    • Obtain the correct tm or hm that contains the move, or level up your pixelmon to learn the move naturally.
    • Choose the move you want to replace from your pixelmon’s current moveset. Be sure to think carefully about which move to replace.
    • Replace the move with the healing move by using the appropriate tm or hm.

    Finalizing The Creation Of A Healer Pixelmon

    To finalize the creation of your healer pixelmon, it’s essential to ensure that it has all the necessary attributes. Here are some things to consider:

    • Make sure that your pixelmon knows enough moves to handle different situations.
    • Equip it with items that boost its healing abilities, such as leftovers, eviolite, or big root.
    • Train your pixelmon’s moves to make them more effective and powerful.
    • Consider its nature and personality traits. Timid and modest nature can make the best healer pixelmon.
    • Finally, test your heal pixelmon in battles, and fine-tune its moves to make it better.

    By following these guidelines, you can create an efficient and reliable healer pixelmon that will make a valuable addition to any team.

    Tips For Mastering The Art Of Crafting A Healer Pixelmon

    How To Craft A Healer Pixelmon: Tips For Mastering The Art Of Crafting A Healer Pixelmon

    Creating healer pixelmon requires some careful planning and effort, but it is an essential element of any successful pokémon team. Here are some tips to help you master the art of crafting healer pixelmon:

    Additional Tips And Tricks For Creating Healer Pixelmon

    • Focus on defensive stats: Healer pixelmon needs to have high defensive stats to be an effective healer. Make sure you pay close attention to a pokémon’s base stats in defense, special defense, and hit points when selecting a pokémon to create a healer.
    • Choose moves carefully: A healer should have moves that can keep itself alive while also being able to assist other pokémon. Consider moves that put foes to sleep, moves that can heal themselves and other pokémon, and moves that increase defense or special defense stats.
    • Use berries: Berries are a great way to heal pokémon in battle, and some berries can even heal confusion and other status ailments. Consider giving your healer pixelmon a held item that boosts its berry effectiveness.
    • Focus on resistances: A healer needs to be able to resist common types of damage in the game. Consider creating a healer that can resist damage from common types such as fire, ground, and poison.

    How To Troubleshoot Common Problems

    Creating a healer pixelmon can be complicated, and sometimes things can go wrong. Here are some common problems you may run into when creating a healer pixelmon and tips on how to troubleshoot them:

    • Your healer is too slow: If your healer pixelmon is too slow, consider giving it a held item that boosts speed. Also, consider selecting a pokémon with a higher base speed stat.
    • Your healer is not healing enough: If your healer pixelmon is not healing enough, consider selecting moves that heal more hit points or moves that heal other pokémon.
    • Your healer keeps getting knocked out: If your healer pixelmon keeps getting knocked out, consider creating a pokémon with higher defensive stats or giving it a held item that boosts its defense.

    Utilizing Healer Pixelmon In Battles

    Healer pixelmon can be an asset in battles, not just for healing themselves but for other pokémon on your team. Here are some tips for using healer pixelmon effectively in battles:

    • Switch in your healer pixelmon when necessary: If a pokémon on your team needs healing, switch in your healer pixelmon to help out. Make sure you pay attention to the battle to see when a healing pokémon is needed.
    • Use your healer’s moves wisely: Healer pixelmon has moves that can heal themselves and other pokémon, make sure you use these moves wisely in battles. If your healer is also a tank, use moves that can increase their defense or special defense stats.
    • Choose the right time to heal: Heal your pokémon when they have taken significant damage or are under a status ailment. Also, make sure to switch out your healer once they have completed their task to avoid exposing them to unnecessary damage.

    Remember, creating a healer pixelmon requires a lot of effort and planning, but it is worth it in the long run. With these tips and tricks, you can master the art of creating healer pixelmon and make your pokémon team even more formidable.

    Frequently Asked Questions On How To Craft A Healer Pixelmon

    What Are The Best Pixelmon For Healing In Battle?

    In pixelmon, chansey and blissey are the best pokémon for healing in battle. Their high hp and special moves like softboiled and heal bell make them ideal healers.

    How Do You Train A Healer Pixelmon?

    To train a healer pixelmon, make sure to focus on their hp and special defense stats. Give them moves like softboiled and aromatherapy for healing and status curing.

    What Items Can A Healer Pixelmon Hold?

    Healer pixelmon can hold items like leftovers, which gradually restore their health in battle. Other good items include berries that cure status conditions.

    What Strategies Can You Use With A Healer Pixelmon?

    Using a healer pixelmon in combination with defensive pokémon or tanks can make for a formidable strategy in battle. You can also use them to stall out opponents and whittle away their health.

    How Can You Make A Healer Pixelmon More Effective?

    Maximizing their hp and special defense stats, as well as giving them moves that heal and cure status conditions, can make a healer pixelmon more effective. You can also give them items like leftovers.


    Crafting a healer pixelmon is an essential part of becoming a successful pokemon trainer. The process is not as tough as it may seem, and with the right steps and precautions, anyone can master this skill. With careful consideration of the pixelmon’s abilities and thoughtfully selecting moves that compliment them, you can build a healer that is an invaluable asset to your team.

    Remember, the primary purpose of a healer is to provide essential support to your team in both battle and regular gameplay. Also, keep in mind that a well-built healer pixelmon can give you a significant edge over your opponents. With patience, practice, and persistence, you can craft a healer that is unstoppable.

    So why wait? Start implementing these tips and tricks into your gameplay today and watch your team prosper like never before!


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