How to Draw Plus Size Characters: Creative Techniques.


    To draw plus-size characters, start by understanding the proportions of the human body. Then, add extra weight to the curves and round the stomach, arms and legs accordingly.

    Plus size characters are becoming more prevalent in popular culture, and it’s important to represent them accurately in art. As an artist, you must understand the differences in body proportions and create characters that are relatable and empowering for all body types.

    This can be achieved by using a few techniques, such as adding extra weight to the curves and using rounded strokes for the stomach, arms and legs. In this article, we’ll go through some tips and tricks for drawing accurate and beautiful plus-size characters in your art.

    How to Draw Plus Size Characters: Creative Techniques.


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    Understanding The Importance Of Diversity In Character Representation

    When it comes to art, representation is crucial. Diversity in character representation is no exception. Including plus-size characters in art and media is not only inclusive but also necessary for accurate representation. In this section, we will explore why representation matters in art, common misconceptions about plus-size characters, and the importance of depicting real body types in art.

    Why Representation Matters In Art

    Including diverse body types in art is pivotal for representation. Here are some of the reasons why inclusion matters:

    • Allows for more representation for people who are often underrepresented.
    • Helps to break down stereotypes and reverse cultural prejudices.
    • Encourages others by promoting positive messages on body acceptance.
    • Adds an authentic touch to the art and holds values of realness and honesty.

    Common Misconceptions About Plus-Size Characters

    There are several misconceptions about plus-size characters in art that need to be addressed. Some common assumptions include:

    • Portraying plus-size characters will make the art less aesthetically pleasing.
    • Plus-size characters cannot be portrayed in glamorous or positive roles.
    • Representing real body types is not as significant as depicting an idealized body type.

    The Importance Of Depicting Real Body Types In Art

    It is crucial to depict real body types in art because it helps to foster deeper connections with the audience. Here are some reasons why real body types matter:

    • Helps the audience feel seen and validated.
    • Promotes body positivity and encourages self-love.
    • Enhances storytelling by adding a layer of authenticity.
    • Brings in new perspectives that help to diversify art.

    Representation and diversity are crucial not only in art but in every aspect of life. Depicting real body types is an essential aspect of diversity, and plus-size characters, in particular, need to be portrayed accurately. It breaks down stereotypes and encourages people of all body types to feel seen and celebrated.

    Visualizing Plus Size Characters

    Drawing plus-size characters requires a different approach than drawing standard-size characters. It is crucial to understand the anatomy of plus-size bodies before attempting to draw them. Follow these steps to create plus size characters that will stand out.

    Analyzing And Understanding The Anatomy Of Plus-Size Bodies

    To create a convincing plus-size character, you must start by understanding the anatomy of plus-size bodies. Consider the following key points:

    • Plus-size bodies usually have more prominent curves and contours than standard-size bodies.
    • The distribution of fat varies among plus-size individuals. It is essential to study how fat is distributed in different areas of the body.
    • Understanding how body weight affects body shape can help you create more realistic characters.

    Drawing Basic Shapes To Create Plus-Size Forms

    One of the essential foundations of drawing plus-size characters is to start by creating basic shapes. Focus on the following points to create a basic shape for your character:

    • Start with a basic shape that best represents the character’s body type.
    • Add curves and contours to the shape to give it a more realistic appearance.
    • Visualize how fat might be distributed around the body and adjust the basic shape accordingly.

    Studying Plus-Size Models And Celebrities For Inspiration

    Looking to plus-size models and celebrities for inspiration is an excellent way to improve your drawing skills. Consider the following tips when studying models and celebrities:

    • Observe the shapes and curves of their bodies and how they differ from one another.
    • Look at the poses and angles they use to accentuate their features.
    • Incorporate the poses and angles that work best for plus-size bodies into your drawing.

    Remember, drawing plus size characters requires practice and patience. By following these tips and developing your skills, you can create compelling characters that stand out.

    Designing Unique And Dynamic Plus Size Characters

    When it comes to designing plus size characters, it’s essential to create unique and dynamic individuals that speak to your audience. Here are some tips on how to design such characters and make them stand out:

    Experimenting With Different Clothing Styles And Accessories

    The clothing and accessories that your character wears can make or break their appearance. It’s essential to experiment with different styles and combinations to find what works and what doesn’t. Here are some tips to help you create well-dressed plus size characters:

    • Experiment with different fabrics and patterns – don’t stick to only one kind of fabric or pattern. Mix and match to create eye-catching combinations.
    • Play with the fit – dress your characters in clothes that fit well, but don’t be afraid to play with different fits to add interest.
    • Accessorize – accessories can make a significant impact on your character’s overall appearance. Experiment with different accessories to add depth to your characters’ personalities.

    Using Hair, Makeup, And Facial Expressions To Enhance Your Character’S Personality

    It’s crucial to use hair, makeup, and facial expressions to enhance your character’s personality. Here are some useful tips that you can use to bring life to your plus size characters:

    • Hairstyle – there are many hairstyles to choose from, so it’s essential to select one that complements your character’s face shape and personality.
    • Makeup – use makeup to highlight the character’s best features. Keep it simple and natural if the character is meant to be casual, but consider a bolder look if the character is going for a more glam look.
    • Facial expressions – the facial expressions can bring the character to life and make them seem more realistic. Ensure you add some nuances to the character’s expression to convey emotions and personality traits.

    Creating Diverse And Realistic Backgrounds For Your Characters

    The backgrounds of your characters play a significant role in making them more lifelike. Consider the following tips to create diverse and realistic backgrounds:

    • Showcasing diversity – make sure that your backgrounds are diverse and represent different cultures, races, and orientations.
    • Use scenery to create moods – use different scenery to create moods that suit your character’s personality. For example, a character who loves the beach can be designed with a background including seashells and beach waves.
    • Add layers – don’t make the background flat and uninteresting. Layer it with textures and details to make it seem more realistic.

    By adhering to the above tips, you can design unique and dynamic plus size characters that stand out and make an impact.

    Mastering Proportions And Perspective In Plus Size Art

    When it comes to drawing plus-size characters, one of the most significant challenges for artists is mastering accurate proportions and perspective. Here are some techniques to help you create realistic and visually appealing artwork:

    Techniques For Drawing Realistic And Accurate Proportions For Plus-Size Characters

    • Start by sketching basic shapes: Begin with simple shapes, like circles, rectangles, or triangles, to create the body’s overall structure. This technique will help you establish the character’s pose and body shape accurately.
    • Focus on proportion: Consider the proportions of the character’s body by breaking it down into its component parts, such as the torso, arms, and legs. Ensure each body part aligns and the size is accurate.
    • Use reference photos: Use photographs of real plus-size models or people for reference and to get an idea of how the character should look.

    How To Create Depth And Dimension In Plus-Size Art

    • Incorporate shading and highlighting: Applying shadows and highlights to your artwork creates depth and makes it more three-dimensional.
    • Experiment with different perspectives: Consider drawing your character from various angles and positions to create a more dynamic and engaging image.
    • Use overlaps: Overlapping body parts, clothing, or objects can give the illusion of depth, making your art appear more lifelike.

    Tips For Choosing The Right Pose And Angle For Your Character

    • Look for inspiration: Browse through magazines or social media to find inspiration for poses that would suit your character.
    • Consider the character’s personality and backstory: Choose a pose or angle that reflects the character’s personality and story, such as a confident, strong stance or a relaxed and carefree pose.
    • Experiment: Try sketching multiple poses and angles to see which works best for your character.

    Drawing plus-size characters doesn’t have to feel intimidating or challenging. By following these tips, you can hone your skills and create beautiful, realistic, and engaging artwork.

    Bringing Your Plus Size Characters To Life

    Creating and bringing to life an expressive plus-size character is a rewarding experience, and one that fellow artists in the community will applaud. Your artwork has a role to play in both promoting body positivity and encouraging inclusivity in the artistic world.

    So, let’s explore the following key aspects to bring the plus-size character to life.

    Adding Coloring And Shading To Your Plus-Size Drawings

    When it comes to coloring and shading plus-size characters, the approach taken can add depth to the character’s personality and bring the artwork to life. Here are some points to consider when coloring your plus-size drawings:

    • Experiment with different color palettes to focus on skin tones, clothes, accessories, and background elements.
    • Color the clothing and background designs creatively to direct viewer’s attention towards different elements of the drawing.
    • Shading is essential to add depth and texture to a plus-size character’s curves, folds, and creases, particularly in areas such as the stomach, hips, and thighs.

    Using Social Media Platforms To Showcase Your Work And Connect With Other Artists

    Social media platforms offer the perfect opportunity for artists to connect with one another and to showcase their work. Here are some points to consider when you want to showcase your plus-size character artworks on social media:

    • Instagram, twitter, and facebook are excellent platforms that offer artists the chance to showcase their work and build relationships with other creatives.
    • Use hashtags, participate in challenges and contests, and tag fellow artists to boost your artwork’s exposure on social media.
    • Engage with the community by commenting and responding to comments. It will show others that you’re interested in collaborating and learning more.

    Getting Feedback And Learning From Other Artists In The Community

    Learning by observing others’ artwork and receiving feedback from fellow artists can help refine one’s technique and style. Here are some points to consider when connecting with fellow artists in the community:

    • Offer and receive constructive criticism to support one another’s growth in the plus-size representation niche.
    • Attend in-person or virtual conferences, classes, and workshops in your area or worldwide to learn about the latest techniques and trends in plus-size comic character drawing.
    • Reach out to other plus-size artists to collaborate and learn together.

    Summing Up The Importance Of Inclusive Art

    It is important to emphasize the role of inclusive art in allowing people to feel seen, validated, and appreciated for who they are. Inclusive and diverse representation in art enables people to identify with characters who share their features and experiences, promoting body positivity and mental health wellbeing.

    Encouraging Continued Practice And Experimentation With Plus-Size Art

    Drawing plus-size characters necessitates continued experimentation and practice. Here’s what you should know to build your skills:

    • Practice every day by drawing various plus-size characters, incorporating new techniques and materials into your artwork.
    • Attend art school or workshops to learn new techniques, make new connections, and expose yourself to diverse styles, mediums, and subject matter.
    • Do not be scared to step outside of the norm and experiment with unique perspectives and media.

    Final Thoughts On The Unique Challenges And Rewards Of Drawing Plus-Size Characters.

    Drawing plus-size characters presents specific obstacles, including accurately representing body shapes, avoiding stereotypes, and avoiding the hypersexualization of the subject. However, it is a rewarding experience that promotes inclusivity, highlights underrepresented communities, and fosters artistic collaboration. Practice, experiment, be creative, and most of all, embrace the challenge of representation and diversity in your art.

    Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Draw Plus Size Characters

    How Do You Draw Plus Size Characters Realistically?

    To draw plus-size characters realistically, start by sketching out the basic shape of the body. Then focus on adding details like curves, folds of the skin and clothing, and shading to create a more lifelike appearance. Remember to keep proportions in mind and practice drawing different body types to improve your skills.

    What Poses Are Best For Plus Size Characters?

    Plus-size characters should be drawn in poses that enhance their curves and figure. Sitting poses or leaning against objects can be great options. Play around with hand positioning and facial expressions to give them personality and character. Remember to keep it realistic and avoid exaggerated poses which could look unnatural.

    How Do You Avoid Stereotypes When Drawing Plus Size Characters?

    To avoid stereotypes when drawing plus size characters, focus on individuality and diversity. Use a variety of skin tones, clothing styles, and body shapes to create a more realistic representation of plus size individuals. Avoid overemphasizing certain features or using offensive caricatures that can perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

    How Can Drawing Plus Size Characters Promote Body Positivity?

    Drawing plus size characters offers a more inclusive representation of different body types and can promote body positivity. It shows that all bodies are beautiful and that size doesn’t define a person’s worth. By practicing inclusive drawing techniques, one can encourage acceptance and help break down harmful societal beauty standards.


    Drawing plus size characters can be a refreshing change from the usual standards set in the drawing world. It is important to remember that plus size characters come with their own unique challenges, but with practice, they can be mastered.

    Always keep in mind the importance of proportion and balance while creating these characters. Celebrate the curves and embrace the beauty in them by adding depth to the features to give them a more realistic appeal. Whether you’re a professional artist or someone just starting out, drawing plus size characters is an excellent way to diversify your skills and broaden your portfolio.

    Remember, practice makes perfect, and with time and patience, you can perfect your skill and create stunning plus size characters that will inspire others. So, go ahead and give it a try. You may just surprise yourself with the results.


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