Revive Your Crocs: How to Fix Crocs Strap


    To fix crocs strap, insert the strap into the corresponding hole and pull it through until it clicks. Ensure that both straps are at the same height.

    Crocs straps can be easily fixed with a few simple steps. Crocs are stylish, comfortable, and durable shoes that have become popular among people of all ages. They are perfect for casual wear, and their unique design makes them stand out in a crowd.

    However, like any other shoe, crocs can also wear out over time or develop faults. One such issue that crocs users may encounter is a broken or loose strap. A loose strap can be uncomfortable and make walking difficult. Luckily, fixing a crocs strap is a simple process that anyone can do. In this article, we will discuss how to fix crocs strap and restore your favorite shoes to their former glory.

    Revive Your Crocs: How to Fix Crocs Strap


    Understanding The Crocs Strap Problem

    Crocs are a popular footwear favorite among all ages, but many people have experienced the frustration of experiencing broken or damaged straps. A broken strap not only puts a damper on your croc-wearing experience, but it can also be a safety hazard.

    In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of croc straps and the best methods for fixing them.

    Causes Of Broken Straps

    Before diving into how to fix the straps on your crocs, it’s important to first understand what causes them to break in the first place. Here are a few common causes of broken croc straps:

    • Excessive wear and tear from frequent use
    • Pulling too hard on the straps when putting on or removing the shoes
    • Exposure to extreme temperatures or weather conditions
    • Poor manufacturing or faulty materials
    • Accidentally stepping on the strap while walking

    Different Types Of Crocs Straps

    Crocs offer various strap options, each with their unique advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the type of strap on your crocs will help you determine the best method for fixing them. Here are the different types of crocs straps:

    • Back straps: Back straps are the most common type of croc strap. These straps are found on the back of the shoes and provide stability and support while wearing.
    • Forefoot straps: Some croc models feature additional straps in the forefoot area for added support and comfort.
    • Sport straps: Croc sport straps are designed for more physical activities such as hiking or water sports. These straps have a more secure fit and are often adjustable to ensure a better fit.

    How To Fix Crocs Straps

    Now that you understand the causes of broken straps and the different types of crocs straps, it’s time to learn how to fix them. Here are some tips for fixing croc straps:

    • Use a hot glue gun to reattach the strap to the shoe. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the area where the strap is detached and press firmly for a few seconds until the glue sets.
    • Use a heavy-duty adhesive such as e6000 to fix the strap. Apply the adhesive to both the shoe and the strap and hold the pieces together for a few minutes until the adhesive dries.
    • Consider replacing the broken strap altogether with a new one. You can purchase replacement straps from the crocs website or your local shoe store.

    Crocs are a comfortable and convenient shoe option, but broken straps can be a common problem. Understanding the causes of broken straps, the different types of crocs straps, and the best methods for fixing them will help ensure that your crocs remain durable and reliable for years to come.

    Tools Needed For Repairing Crocs Strap

    Are you tired of your crocs strap constantly breaking or coming loose? Don’t worry, the good news is that repairing your crocs strap is a quick and easy process that you can do at home using just a few tools and materials.

    We’ll walk you through the tools and materials you’ll need to fix your crocs strap and ensure they have a long life ahead of them.

    Materials Needed

    Before diving into the repairing process, you’ll need to make sure you have all the proper tools and materials at hand. Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Replacement crocs strap, either original or generic (more on recommended brands below)
    • Scissors
    • Durable glue, such as e6000 or gorilla glue
    • Clamps or binder clips
    • Sandpaper

    Recommended Brands Of Materials

    When it comes to repairing your crocs strap, using the right materials is key to ensuring a strong hold and long-lasting fix. Here are some recommended brands to consider:

    • Original crocs strap: These are the obvious choice if you want to stay true to the brand. They’ll be a perfect fit for your crocs and come in a variety of colors to choose from.
    • Generic crocs strap: If you don’t mind deviating from the original brand, there are a variety of generic crocs strap options available on the market. Just be sure to check the size and compatibility with your particular crocs model before purchasing.
    • E6000: This industrial-strength glue is perfect for fixing your crocs because it dries clear and creates a strong, permanent bond.
    • Gorilla glue: This glue is also known for its strength and durability. Just note that it may expand when drying, so use it sparingly.

    Making The Repair

    With all your materials at hand, it’s time to start repairing. Here’s how:

    • Firstly, remove the broken or loose strap from your crocs using scissors or another cutting tool. Be sure to do this carefully to avoid any unnecessary damage to the shoe itself.
    • Using sandpaper, carefully rough up both the inside of the strap and the corresponding crocs connection point. This will help the glue adhere better.
    • Apply a small amount of glue to both the connection point and the inside of the strap. Be sure to use the right amount of glue – too much can cause it to overflow and create a mess.
    • Align the strap with the connection point and clamp them together with binder clips or clamps. Make sure they stay in place as the glue dries by leaving the clips/clamps on for at least 24 hours.
    • After 24 hours, the glue should be fully set and strong enough to hold the strap in place. You can trim any excess strap material with scissors, and your newly repaired crocs will be as good as new!

    With the right materials and a little bit of know-how, fixing your crocs strap is a breeze. Plus, by repairing them at home, you’re not only saving money but also extending the life of your favorite footwear. Happy fixing!

    How To Fix Your Crocs Strap

    Crocs have been around for quite a while, determined to be the comfiest footwear globally; they’re adored by people of all ages, from kids to adults. So, it’s no surprise that their straps can get broken sometimes. Don’t worry, even if your strap is broken, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

    You can repair it at home if you follow these simple steps.

    Step-By-Step Guide To Fixing The Strap

    • First, assess the damage done to the strap to figure out what’s required for fixing it. You need to know if it has snapped, or just come loose so that you can decide if a complete replacement is necessary, or if you can fix it with super glue or adhesive.
    • Get a diy repair kit, glue gun, or adhesive because you will need them to fix the strap.
    • Remove the rivets or the pegs that hold the strap with a flat tool such as a screwdriver.
    • Put glue along the torn section or attach the two ends of the strap, making sure they’re appropriately aligned. After applying the glue, put the pieces together and apply pressure for a few minutes.
    • You can also use a repair kit that comes specifically for crocs, which usually includes new straps and pegs for fastening the straps. With this kit, you can replace the entire strap without any difficulty.
    • Re-insert the rivets or pegs to their appropriate positions and ensure that the strap is attached securely.

    Alternative Repair Methods

    • You can apply a duct tape or a gaffer tape to the broken strap. This method is quick and easy, and it can also last for a while.
    • Apply glue or adhesive onto the strap first for extra support before placing the duct or gaffer tape on the strap.
    • Replace the duct tape as necessary.
    • Use a cable tie to join the broken parts of the strap. This method isn’t permanent, but it will work till you get a replacement.
    • Insert the cable tie through the holes on the strap till it is tight, but not too tight to cut the strap.

    Keep in mind that when you mess with your crocs, you void any warranty that comes with them. Always handle them carefully. Fixing crocs has never been simpler, and you can do it by using a repair kit or these alternative methods without spending much.

    Preventing Future Crocs Strap Issues

    Tips For Maintaining Crocs

    We all love crocs, don’t we? They’re light, comfortable, and perfect for any kind of activity. However, like any other footwear, they too require proper maintenance to keep them in good condition. Here are a few tips that can help you maintain your crocs and keep them looking good as new:

    • Always clean your crocs using mild soap and water to keep them free from dirt, sweat, and bacteria.
    • To get rid of stubborn marks on your crocs, use a magic eraser or baking soda solution.
    • Make sure to air-dry your crocs instead of using a dryer, as excessive heat can cause the plastic to deform.
    • Store your crocs away from direct sunlight or high temperature areas to prevent discoloration and warping.

    Dos And Don’Ts Of Using Crocs

    Crocs are the perfect summer footwear for their versatility, comfort, and style. But, like all other things in life, there are certain do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when using them. Here’s a quick guide:


    • Wear your crocs in the correct size to prevent chafing and blisters.
    • Use crocs for light activities such as walking, gardening, and beachwear.
    • Use crocs as indoor footwear to prevent slipping on wet surfaces.


    • Don’t use crocs for running or strenuous activities as they provide little to no arch support.
    • Don’t wear your crocs for a prolonged period of time as they can cause foot pain and discomfort.
    • Don’t wear them in muddy or wet environments as they could make your feet slippery and cause accidents.

    Common Mistakes To Avoid

    Crocs are undoubtedly a great pair of shoes. However, many people make mistakes that might cause damage to their crocs. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid when using your crocs:

    • Do not leave your crocs in direct sunlight as they might lose their color, and the heat could cause the plastic to warp or deform.
    • Do not leave them outside overnight as they might get dirty or damp, causing odor and bacteria buildup.
    • Do not expose them to sharp objects or rough surfaces, as they can easily scratch and puncture the plastic.

    By following these simple steps and avoiding these common mistakes, you can extend the lifespan of your crocs and keep them looking great for a long time.

    Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

    Can Crocs Straps Be Replaced?

    Crocs straps can be replaced, and it is a straightforward process. You can easily purchase new straps from the crocs website or any other retailer that offers them. Follow these steps to replace your crocs straps:

    • Remove the old straps by sliding them out of the holes.
    • Insert the new straps by pushing them through the same holes.
    • Ensure that the straps are secure by pulling them gently.

    Can Crocs Straps Be Repaired?

    Yes, it is possible to repair crocs straps. If the strap is torn or broken, you can use a strong adhesive to stick the pieces together. However, if the damage is more severe, you might need to replace the straps entirely.

    How Long Do Crocs Straps Last?

    The longevity of crocs straps varies depending on factors like usage, care, and maintenance. However, on average, a pair of crocs straps can last for up to two years. Here are some tips to help increase the lifespan of your crocs straps:

    • Avoid wearing your crocs in extreme temperatures.
    • Rinse your crocs with water regularly.
    • Air dry your crocs and avoid using a dryer.
    • Store your crocs in a dry and cool place.

    Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Fix Crocs Strap

    How Do I Fix A Broken Crocs Strap?

    To fix a broken crocs strap, you will need a hairdryer, a screwdriver, and a replacement strap. Heat the broken strap using the hairdryer, remove the screw holding the strap in place with the screwdriver and replace it with the new strap.

    Can I Replace A Lost Crocs Strap?

    Yes, you can replace a lost crocs strap. You can contact crocs customer support and ask for a replacement strap. They will ask for your shoe model and color, so it is recommended to note them down before reaching out to customer support.

    How Do I Prevent Crocs Straps From Breaking?

    To prevent crocs straps from breaking, avoid twisting or bending them forcefully. When wearing your crocs, take care not to stretch or tug too hard on the straps. You can also regularly clean your crocs to keep them flexible and prevent the straps from becoming brittle.

    How Long Do Crocs Straps Last?

    Crocs straps can last for several years with proper care and maintenance. However, the lifespan of the strap can depend on how often you wear them and how well you take care of them. Regular cleaning and avoiding excessive force can keep the straps in good condition for longer.

    Can I Use Glue To Fix A Broken Crocs Strap?

    While glue might fix a broken crocs strap temporarily, it is not a permanent solution. The glue may weaken over time and eventually break, so it is recommended to use a replacement strap instead. Using glue can also make it harder to replace the strap in the future.


    Overall, fixing your crocs straps isn’t a difficult task to do. With the right tools and a little patience, you can have your pair looking as good as new in no time. Remember to pay attention to the type of strap you have, whether it’s the classic design or the newer ones with buttons.

    Always make sure to double-check your work and take your time when working with any adhesives. Whether you decide to take your crocs to a professional or do it yourself, just know that it’s a simple fix that can save you money and extend the life of your favorite shoes.

    Don’t let broken straps ruin your day. Take action and fix them asap so you can get back to wearing your crocs comfortably and confidently.


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