How to Banish Ouija Board Spirits: A Step-by-Step Guide


    To get rid of a ouija board, burn it or break it into several pieces. Ouija boards are believed to have a strong connection with paranormal activity and negative energies, and it’s essential to eliminate them safely.

    Ouija boards have been around since the 19th century and have been a topic of debate and controversy. While some people consider them as harmless fun, others believe that they can give access to dark entities and spirits. Therefore, it is critical to dispose of them correctly.

    The most effective method is to burn them or break them into several pieces and dispose of them separately. Some people also choose to bury them in a remote location far from their homes. It is essential to remember never to donate or sell ouija boards, as doing so may potentially pass on any negative energies or spirits to the new owner.

    How to Banish Ouija Board Spirits: A Step-by-Step Guide


    Understanding Ouija Board Spirits

    A ouija board session has been a topic of debate and fear for ages. Summoning spirits through this board has become a common trend, but it can also be dangerous if not handled carefully. In this guide, we will help you understand the types of spirits that you may summon through a ouija board session and the potential harm they can cause.

    What Are Ouija Board Spirits?

    Ouija board spirits are non-physical entities from the spiritual world that we can summon through a ouija board session. These spirits can be either good or bad, and summoning them is not something to be taken lightly. While some people may see it as a game, the consequences of incorrectly summoning or dismissing spirits can be severe.

    Understanding The Types Of Spirits Summoned Through Ouija Board Sessions

    There are three types of spirits that one may summon through a ouija board session. These spirits are:

    • Human spirits: These spirits are the souls of deceased humans. They may have unfinished business, regrets, or simply want to communicate with the living.
    • Inhuman spirits: These spirits never had a physical body and can be either non-human entities or demons. They may try to deceive or harm you if summoned.
    • Elemental spirits: These are spirits that are nature-oriented, such as those from trees, lakes, or mountains. They may be peaceful or troublesome, depending on the situation.

    While summoning any type of spirit can be a risk, inhuman and elemental spirits can be more dangerous because of their unpredictable nature.

    How Can Ouija Board Spirits Harm Us?

    When summoning a spirit through a ouija board session, it is crucial to maintain proper precautions and follow safety guidelines. Failure to do so can result in potential harm, such as:

    • Emotional disturbances: Summoning a spirit can be an intense and emotional experience. It may leave a person feeling vulnerable, anxious, or even terrified.
    • Accidents: Spirits summoned through a ouija board session can cause accidents or misfortunes in a person’s life.
    • Possession: In some cases, spirits can possess the person or those in the room. This can lead to major health problems or, in severe cases, can be fatal.

    Overall, it is essential to understand the risk before attempting to summon spirits through a ouija board session. If you choose to do so, please exercise caution and always take safety measures.

    Recognizing The Signs Of Ouija Board Spirits

    Banishing ouija board spirits can be a daunting task. But recognizing the signs of their presence is the first step in getting rid of them. Here are some signs to watch out for before you delve into the techniques to banish ouija board spirits.

    Strange Noises And Voices In Your Space

    If you hear strange noises or voices that are not from a known source, it could indicate the presence of ouija board spirits. It could be whispers, rustling, footsteps, or even banging sounds.

    Here are some bullet points to keep in mind:

    • Unexplained noises that are not from a particular source
    • Whispering, rustling, footsteps, banging sounds
    • Remember to investigate the sounds to be sure they are not from natural or physical causes.

    Unexplained Changes In Temperature

    A sudden cold spot in an otherwise warm room or a sudden wave of heat can indicate the presence of ouija board spirits. These changes in temperature can occur suddenly and without warning.

    Here are some bullet points to keep in mind:

    • Sudden changes in temperature
    • Cold spots in warm rooms or vice versa
    • Sudden wave of heat
    • Rationalize that some temperature changes can be body-related rather than being connected to ouija board spirits.

    Strange Shadows And Movements

    If you notice strange shadows or movements in your space that cannot be explained, it could be a sign of the presence of ouija board spirits. These shadows or movements could occur sporadically and without warning.

    Here are some bullet points to keep in mind:

    • Shadows that can’t be explained
    • Unexplained movements
    • Pay attention to rationalization and context for the situation

    The Feeling Of Being Watched Or Followed

    If you have the feeling of being watched or followed, it could be a sign of the presence of ouija board spirits. This feeling can occur at any time and can be unsettling.

    Here are some bullet points to keep in mind:

    • Feeling watched or followed
    • The feeling is often accompanied by chills and goosebumps
    • This feeling can also be psychological and not just associated with ouija board spirits.

    Recognizing the signs of ouija board spirits is the first step in dealing with them. Pay close attention to these signs to ensure that you can banish the spirits from your space.

    Preparing Yourself And Your Space

    Banishing ouija board spirits can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation, you can effectively banish any unwanted beings from your space. Preparing yourself and your space is essential for a successful banishing. In this section, we will discuss the key points for cleansing your space, setting up protective barriers, and practicing common spiritual practices like meditation or visualization.

    Cleansing Your Space Using Sage, Salt, Or Palo Santo

    Cleansing your space is an essential step in banishing ouija board spirits. Here are some key points:

    • Use sage, salt, or palo santo to cleanse your space.
    • Light the sage, salt, or palo santo and walk around your space, paying particular attention to the corners and doors.
    • Visualize the smoke or scent clearing any negative energy from your space.

    Setting Up Protective Barriers Around Your Space

    An essential aspect of banishing ouija board spirits is setting up protective barriers around your space. Here are some key points:

    • Create a protective circle around your space.
    • Use candles or crystals to represent the barriers.
    • Visualize the barrier being impenetrable by any negative energy.

    Practicing Common Spiritual Practices Like Meditation Or Visualization

    Practicing common spiritual practices like meditation or visualization can help you maintain a positive mindset during the banishing process. Here are some key points:

    • Visualize a white light surrounding you and protecting you.
    • Practice meditation to keep your mind focused on positive energy.
    • Use positive affirmations like “i am safe” or “i am protected” during the banishing process.

    Overall, banishing ouija board spirits requires careful preparation of yourself and your space. The key points we discussed above can help you efficiently and effectively banish spirits from your space. Remember, a positive mindset goes a long way in the banishing process.

    Banishing Ouija Board Spirits

    Playing with a ouija board can be an exciting experience, but it can also expose you to unwanted energies or spirits. If you feel that you are experiencing the presence of a spirit or negative energy, you can consider banishing it from your space.

    Here are some steps that can help.

    Creating A Protective Barrier Around Yourself.

    Creating a protective barrier around yourself is the first step you can take to ensure your safety during a spiritual banishing ritual. You can do this by visualizing a white light surrounding you, protecting you from any negativity. Alternatively, you can burn herbs, such as sage or palo santo, to cleanse your space and protect yourself from any unwanted energies.

    Stating Your Intention And Commanding The Spirit To Leave.

    Once you’ve created a protective barrier, you can focus on stating your intention and commanding the spirit to leave. This can be done by speaking out loud or through your thoughts. You can start by acknowledging the spirit’s presence and telling it that it’s not welcome in your space.

    Be confident and assertive while doing this and express it with a strong voice.

    Using Positive Affirmations To Cleanse Your Space.

    Positive affirmations can be a powerful tool for spiritual cleansing. You can use them as a means of protection and release any negative energies. Affirmations, such as “only love and light may enter this space” or “i release all negative energy from my environment,” as well as other similar phrases that resonate with you, will help cleanse your space of any unwanted energies.

    Conducting A Closing Ceremony After The Banishing Process.

    After you have banished the spirit, it is essential to conduct a closing ceremony. This is to ensure that the space is fully protected, and the energy of the environment is light and positive. You can do this by burning incense or lighting candles to symbolize the end of the ritual, while thanking the spirits for their time and asking for their departure.

    It is also helpful to repeat any positive affirmations that resonate with you to reinforce a positive energy flow in the environment.

    Following these steps can help you banish any negative spirits or energies from your space successfully. Always remember to keep a positive mindset and address any lingering fear or negativity with confidence. Remember that your thoughts can also attract positive or negative energies, so continue to strive for a positive mindset even after the ritual.

    Maintaining A Spirit-Free Space

    If you’ve played with a ouija board or other spirit-summoning devices, you may have unintentionally allowed spirits into your space. These spirits may not always be friendly and can cause disturbances in your home. Fortunately, there are ways to banish these spirits and maintain a spirit-free space.

    Here’s how:

    Avoid Playing With Ouija Boards Or Other Spirit-Summoning Devices In Your Space

    • It’s best to refrain from playing with ouija boards or other spirit-summoning devices in your home or any space you consider sacred.
    • If you do choose to use these devices, always use them in a safe and controlled environment, preferably with a professional medium or psychic.
    • Never leave the board open or unattended, as this can lead to the spirits lingering in your space.

    Regularly Cleansing Your Space Using Protective Tools

    • Use protective tools, such as sage, crystals, or salt, to cleanse your space regularly.
    • Clear all negative energy, entities, and lower vibrations.
    • Make sure to focus on doors, windows, and mirrors, as spirits can easily enter through these areas.

    Practicing Spiritual Practices To Keep Your Space Safe

    • Engage in spiritual practices like meditation, prayer, or energy healing to help create a protective barrier around your space.
    • Visualize a bright, white light surrounding your home or the area where you want to banish the spirits.
    • Call on your spirit guides, angels, or deities to help protect your space and banish any unwanted spirits.

    By following these steps, you can banish any unwanted spirits from your space and create a safe and peaceful environment. Remember to always be respectful and mindful of the spirit world and to use caution when engaging in any spiritual practices.

    Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Get Rid Of A Ouija Board

    How Do I Properly Dispose Of A Ouija Board?

    To dispose of a ouija board, it’s essential to break it into seven pieces, sprinkle it with holy water, and bury it in the ground. Another option is to burn the board and scatter the ashes away from your home.

    Is It Dangerous To Throw Away A Ouija Board?

    Yes, it’s not advisable to throw away a ouija board as it’s believed to be a portal for spirits to enter the human world. Improper disposal of the board may result in the board’s spirit lingering around, which can cause unexplainable activities.

    Can I Donate My Ouija Board?

    No, it’s not right to donate your ouija board, as it’s considered to be a significant spiritual risk. It’s best to dispose of the board carefully, following the right steps, to avoid its negative energy from affecting others.

    What Happens If I Don’T Dispose Of My Ouija Board Properly?

    When you don’t dispose of your ouija board carefully, it can lead to unexplained activities such as spirits lingering around, ghostly apparitions, and even falling sick. It’s crucial to take the right steps to prevent any spiritual or physical harm from the board.

    Is It Safe To Use The Ouija Board Again?

    No, it’s not safe to use a used ouija board again, as it can lead to unresolved spiritual activities. It’s best to dispose of it properly and avoid using another or any other divination tool if you want to stay safe from spiritual threats.


    As aforementioned, ouija boards can be a gateway for malevolent spirits, which can lead to severe psychological issues for the users. Thus, it is vital to exercise caution and dispose of the boards correctly if you feel like they have become a source of discomfort in your life.

    Remember that ouija boards are no mere toys and require utmost care in handling. Try out the methods mentioned above, which include both spiritual approaches and physical ones, to put an end to the unwanted presence of the ouija board in your life.

    In addition, it is always advisable to seek help from professionals, be it therapists or exorcists, if you still face difficulties in removing the board’s malignant grip on your life. Stay vigilant, stay safe, and continue to explore the world of spirituality with an open mind!


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