Master the Art of Crafting a Healer Pixelmon


    To make a healer pixelmon, you need to combine aluminum plates, diamonds, and a crafting table. A healer is essential in pixelmon as it can restore your pokemon’s health and heal any status conditions.

    Pixelmon is an exciting mod for minecraft that adds a variety of pokemon creatures to the game. As you explore the world, you’ll encounter various pokemon that you can catch, raise, and battle. However, just like in the regular pokemon games, your pokemon can become injured or suffer from status conditions.

    This is where the healer pixelmon comes in. The healer pixelmon is a vital item that allows you to heal and restore your pokemon’s health and remove any negative effects. In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps required to make a healer pixelmon so that you can keep your pokemon in tip-top shape.

    Master the Art of Crafting a Healer Pixelmon


    Understanding The Importance Of Crafting A Healer Pixelmon

    Master The Art Of Crafting A Healer Pixelmon

    In the pixelmon game, crafting a healer pixelmon is an essential task. As you embark on your journey, your pixelmon will face various battles, diseases, and injuries. Without a healer pixelmon, it will be challenging to revive your pokemon and keep them in good shape for future battles.

    In this section, we will delve deeper into the importance of crafting a healer pixelmon and how it can assist you in the game.

    What Is A Healer Pixelmon?

    A healer pixelmon is a pixelmon that can assist you in healing your pokemon. It is a crucial part of the game that enables your pokemon to recover from battle injuries, diseases, and any other harm caused by wild encounters.

    Here are some key features of a healer pixelmon:

    • It has a unique move called “heal bell” that can cure all status conditions of your pokemon.
    • A healer pixelmon can efficiently restore your pokemon’s health, revive them, and even heal multiple pokemon at a time.
    • It can be caught in the wild or crafted using specific materials.

    Why Is Crafting A Healer Pixelmon Essential?

    Crafting a healer pixelmon can be a game-changer for your pixelmon journey. Here are some reasons why:

    • As you explore the vast pixelmon universe, you will frequently encounter wild pokemon, which may cause diseases or injuries to your pokemon. Without a healer pixelmon, you will be forced to return to the pokemon center to heal your pokemon, wasting valuable time.
    • When you battle other tamers, your pokemon will end up with injuries that could result in fainting. Crafting a healer pixelmon allows you to quickly revive your pokemon and continue with the battle without interruption.
    • It saves you money and time. Instead of buying healing items such as potions, berries, vitamins, and revives, a healer pixelmon is a one-time investment with long-term benefits.

    How Can A Healer Pixelmon Assist You In The Game?

    A healer pixelmon can help you in many ways during your pixelmon adventure. Here is how:

    • A healer pixelmon can quickly heal all your pokemon, saving you time wasted in trekking to a pokemon center.
    • It can assist you in healing multiple pokemon at the same time, which is essential if you have a large number of pokemon in your party.
    • Crafting a healer pixelmon can be a valuable source of income, as it can be sold to other players at a high price.
    • As you progress through the game and your pokemon level up, they become more susceptible to diseases and injuries. Having a healer pixelmon on your side ensures that your pokemon stay in perfect health, making them formidable opponents in battles.

    Crafting a healer pixelmon is essential to succeed in the pixelmon game. It saves you time, money, and keeps your pokemon in good health. With a healer pixelmon by your side, you can easily navigate through the vast pixelmon universe without worrying about your pokemon’s health.

    Obtaining The Ingredients: A Comprehensive Guide

    Crafting a healer pixelmon can be considered an essential practice in the world of minecraft. With the ability to cure hurt and poisoned pokémons, it is a crucial tool to aid in their quick recovery. We will guide you through the process of obtaining the right ingredients to craft a healer pixelmon.

    What Are The Needed Ingredients For Crafting A Healer Pixelmon?:

    To craft a healer pixelmon, you will need the following ingredients:

    • Alum
    • Glass panes
    • Iron ingots
    • Glowstones

    Where Can You Find These Ingredients?:

    To locate the required ingredients, you can try visiting the following places:

    • Alum: You can find alum in chests located in the desert temples or underwater ruins
    • Glass panes: You can craft them by smelting sand in the furnace
    • Iron ingots: You can find them in iron ores or by smelting iron tools and weapons
    • Glowstones: You can locate them in the nether dimension

    Are There Any Substitutes For Expensive Ingredients?:

    If you are finding it hard to acquire some of the required ingredients, there are a few substitutes that you can use. They include:

    • Alum: You can substitute alum for regular paper
    • Glass panes: You can replace the glass panes with regular glass blocks
    • Iron ingots: You can substitute the iron ingots for gold ingots
    • Glowstones: You can use sea lanterns in place of glowstones

    Crafting a healer pixelmon can be an arduous task, but with the right ingredients, it can be an effortless process. We hope this comprehensive guide makes the process more manageable.

    Crafting Your Pixelmon Healer: A Step-By-Step Guide

    Master The Art Of Crafting A Healer Pixelmon

    Pixelmon is an exciting game that features pokemon as you have never seen them before. Your creativity is essential in mastering the game, from constructing shelters to crafting essential items. One of the essential things you need to craft is a healer pixelmon, and we will explore how to make one in a step-by-step guide.

    Step 1: Gather The Necessary Ingredients

    Before you start crafting your healer pixelmon, you need to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients. Here is a list of the items you need:

    • 8 cobblestones
    • 1 diamond
    • 1 aluminum plate
    • 1 redstone dust

    Step 2: Finding The Crafting Table And Opening It

    Now that you have all the items required, it’s time to find the crafting table. Go ahead and right-click on it to open it up. Once you have opened it, you will see a 3×3 grid. This grid is where you will place the items required for crafting the healer pixelmon.

    Step 3: Arranging The Ingredients In The Crafting Table

    With the crafting table open, go ahead and arrange the items to form the shape of a healer pixelmon. Here is how you should arrange the ingredients:

    • Cobblestone | diamond | cobblestone
    • Cobblestone | aluminum plate | cobblestone
    • Cobblestone | redstone dust | cobblestone

    Ensure that the items are in the right position before proceeding to the next step.

    Step 4: Extracting The Crafted Healer Pixelmon

    Once you have placed all the items in the right positions, go ahead and close the crafting table. Next, right-click on it again to extract the healer pixelmon from the output slot. Congratulations, you have successfully crafted your very own healer pixelmon!

    Crafting a healer pixelmon requires a bit of creativity and attention to detail. Applying the steps outlined above will ensure you can craft a healer pixelmon with ease. With your healer pixelmon, you can revive your injured pixelmon in the game and keep them healthy to continue your adventure.

    Happy pixelmon hunting!

    Tips For Getting The Best Results

    Master The Art Of Crafting A Healer Pixelmon

    If you’re a pokémon enthusiast, then you know the importance of a healer pixelmon. It’s essential to have a pixelmon healer to take care of your pokémon after every battle or training session. Crafting the ideal healer pixelmon can make all the difference in the success of your pokémon team.

    In this post, we’ll discuss the tips for getting the best results while crafting your pixelmon healer.

    Using The Healer Pixelmon Effectively

    Once you’ve crafted your healer pixelmon, it’s crucial to know how to use it effectively. The following are some tips to get the most from your healer pixelmon:

    • Always bring your healer pixelmon to every battle and training session with your pokémon.
    • Before using the healer pixelmon, ensure all your injured pokémon are in its range.
    • Choose the right time to use the healer pixelmon. It’s better to use it after every battle or at the end of a training session to keep your pokémon healthy.
    • While using the healer pixelmon, make sure all your pokémon are placed in their pokéballs.

    Avoiding Common Pitfalls While Crafting

    It’s essential to avoid common pitfalls when crafting your healer pixelmon to get the best results. The following are things to consider while crafting:

    • Ensure your healer pixelmon is strong enough to heal your pokémon effectively.
    • Don’t forget to add healing items as part of your pixelmon healer’s crafting recipe.
    • Always carry enough resources to repair or upgrade your healer pixelmon when necessary.
    • Do not overload your healer pixelmon with too many tasks and functions.

    Maximizing The Benefits Of Your Pixelmon Healer

    It’s not enough to craft the perfect healer pixelmon if you don’t know how to maximize its benefits. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your healer pixelmon:

    • Always keep your healer pixelmon close to your pokémon for quick healing.
    • Use the pixelmon healer immediately after a battle or training session to keep your pokémon healthy.
    • Upgrade your healer pixelmon regularly to make it more efficient and effective.
    • Always repair your healer pixelmon to keep it in optimal condition.

    Crafting a healer pixelmon can be challenging, but with the right tips, you can get the best results. Using your healer pixelmon effectively, avoiding common pitfalls, and maximizing the benefits of your pixelmon healer are essential to success. With these tips, your pixelmon team will always be healthy and ready for battle.

    Troubleshooting Common Issues

    Crafting a healer pixelmon requires attention to detail and patience. Often, issues arise while making one, which can be frustrating for a player. In this section, we’ll take a look at the most common problems that can occur and how to solve them.

    Issues That Can Arise While Crafting A Healer Pixelmon:

    • You might notice that some ingredients are difficult to find in the game, making it challenging to craft a healer pixelmon.
    • The crafting process can be time-consuming and tedious, with a chance of making mistakes that result in failed attempts.

    Let’s take a closer look at how to solve these problems.

    How To Solve Common Crafting Problems:

    • Finding ingredients can be a hassle, but with the help of a good game guide, you can find what you need easily. You can even consider trading with other players to get the items you need.
    • To reduce the risk of failed attempts, you can practice by crafting with cheaper ingredients first. This will help you gain the necessary experience and confidence to craft the healer pixelmon with ease.

    Now that we’ve solved these problems let’s explore some creative troubleshooting techniques!

    Creative Troubleshooting Techniques:

    • Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ingredient combinations to see what works.
    • Try crafting during different times of the day or in different locations in the game, as some areas might have better crafting success rates.
    • Watch tutorials or read guides to get more tips and tricks for crafting a healer pixelmon.

    By following these tips, you’ll be able to overcome any crafting challenges and master the art of crafting a healer pixelmon. So get your ingredients ready and start crafting!

    Frequently Asked Questions On How To Make A Healer Pixelmon

    What Is A Healer Pixelmon?

    A healer pixelmon is a pokémon with the ability to heal other pokémon in battle.

    How Do I Choose The Right Pixelmon For Healing?

    Consider the pokémon’s type, ability, and moveset. Look for those that have abilities and moves that can heal other pokémon.

    What Moves Should I Teach My Healer Pixelmon?

    Moves such as heal bell, aromatherapy, soft-boiled, wish, and moonlight are effective for healing.

    Can A Healer Pixelmon Be Used Outside Of Battle?

    Yes, some healer pixelmon have abilities that can heal your team outside of battle, such as natural cure.

    How Do I Train My Healer Pixelmon?

    Train your healer pixelmon with vitamins and experience-enhancing items to increase their stats and level them up. Consider using a pokémon with the ability magma armor or flame body to hatch eggs faster.


    As a trainer in the world of pixelmon, having a healer pokemon on your team could provide you with a distinct advantage. Not only can healers restore your party’s hp and status conditions quickly, but they can also provide a useful backup option in case of an emergency.

    Making a healer pixelmon can be a relatively easy process. However, it requires patience, dedication, and careful planning. You will need to choose a pokemon that possesses healing moves, such as chansey, blissey, audino, or alomomola. Once you have identified your healer, you will need to train it strategically and equip it with the appropriate items.

    Most importantly, you must be willing to invest time and effort into your healer to get the most out of its abilities. By following these steps and being persistent, you can create a powerful healer pixelmon that will serve you well on your adventures.


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