How to Create Beautiful Handfasting Cords with Ease


    To make handfasting cords, select three different-colored cords or ribbons of equal length. Braid the cords together to create a single cord.

    Handfasting cords have been used in pagan and wiccan weddings as a symbol of the couple’s union. These cords are braided together during the ceremony and then either kept by the couple or cut into pieces and distributed to guests.

    Making handfasting cords is a simple process that requires only three cords or ribbons of equal length and different colors. Once the cords are selected, they are braided together into a single, sturdy cord. This article will provide step-by-step instructions for creating handfasting cords that can be customized to suit the couple’s preferences.

    How to Create Beautiful Handfasting Cords with Ease


    Understanding The Symbolism Of Handfasting Cords

    Handfasting cords have become increasingly popular in modern wedding ceremonies. These cords symbolize the joining of two individuals in a spiritual and physical union. Understanding the symbolism of these cords is crucial when it comes to making them. We will explore the significance of colors and materials, the traditional number of cords used, and how to incorporate personalization into the design.

    Let’s get started with the first topic!

    The Significance Of Colors And Materials

    The materials used to make handfasting cords are symbolic and should be chosen with care. The colors and materials you opt for can represent different aspects of a relationship. Here is a list of some popular materials and what they symbolize:

    • Cotton: Purity, innocence, and new beginnings.
    • Hemp: Strength and durability.
    • Silk or satin: Luxury, sensuality, and comfort.
    • Wool: Warmth and security.

    Here are some popular color choices and their meanings:

    • Red: Passion, love, and strength.
    • White: Purity and innocence.
    • Gold: Wealth, prosperity, and happiness.
    • Blue: Loyalty, devotion, and stability.

    Using specific materials and colors can add depth and meaning to your handfasting cords.

    The Traditional Number Of Cords Used And What They Represent

    The number of cords used in handfasting ceremonies varies, but traditionally it’s three, six, or nine cords. Each number carries its significance.

    • Three cords represent the fates of both individuals and their union as well as the past, present, and future.
    • Six cords represent harmony, balance, and equal partnership.
    • Nine cords represent the trinity of both individuals joined together with the divine.

    These numbers symbolize the spiritual and physical bond between both individuals and represent their commitment to one another.

    How To Incorporate Personalization Into The Design

    Making handfasting cords is an excellent opportunity to incorporate personal touches into the design. Here are some tips to personalize your cords:

    • Add beads or charms that represent your love story.
    • Use fabric or cord that represents important aspects of your relationship.
    • Use colors that represent both individuals’ personalities and preferences.
    • Weave initials or names into the cords.

    Incorporating personal touches ensures that the cords are unique to your relationship and adds depth and meaning to the ceremony.

    Understanding the symbolism of handfasting cords is essential when it comes to making them. When selecting materials and colors or choosing the number of cords, keep their significance in mind. Personalizing the design with unique touches will make your cords special and add personal meaning to your ceremony.

    Materials Needed

    Creating handfasting cords is not only a fun activity but an essential element of a pagan or wiccan handfasting ceremony. There’s something special about weaving together different materials and colors, each representing the couple’s unique personalities and love story. But before starting, it’s crucial to gather all the necessary materials.

    Here’s a comprehensive list of the supplies needed to make handfasting cords, including their importance and where to find them.

    A Comprehensive List Of Supplies Needed To Make Handfasting Cords:

    To create exquisite handfasting cords, you will need the following materials:

    • Cording/rope in desired colors (cotton or silk)
    • Scissors
    • A helper (optional)
    • Small charms, beads, or crystals (optional)
    • A few candles

    The Importance Of Quality Materials:

    When making handfasting cords, you want to make sure that the materials you choose are of high quality. Whether you’re opting for cotton or silk, the cording should be durable and sturdy. The cording should not break or fray quickly, as the cords symbolize the bond between the couple.

    Moreover, choosing the right combination of colors can add a touch of beauty to your cords.

    Also, if you plan to add small charms, beads, or crystals, ensure that they’re of high quality. You don’t want the beads or charms to fall off or break while tying the cords. Additionally, be mindful of selecting the right size and shape of charms, as you don’t want them to be too bulky or distracting from the cords’ beauty.

    Where To Find The Materials:

    You can find all the materials required to create handfasting cords at your local craft stores, such as michael’s, hobby lobby, or joann fabric. In these stores, you can find a variety of cords, including cotton and silk, in different colors and sizes.

    Additionally, these stores stock small charms, beads, or crystals that you can use to decorate your cords.

    Creating handfasting cords is a wonderful way to celebrate love and craft something unique for your ceremony. By gathering all the materials, you can weave a beautiful representation of the bond between the couple. Not to mention, the process itself can also be quite therapeutic.

    So, gather all the materials, find a comfortable spot by the candlelight, and get started on making beautiful handfasting cords.

    Step-By-Step Guide To Making Handfasting Cords

    How To Make Handfasting Cords

    Handfasting cords are an essential aspect of a handfasting ceremony, a popular non-religious wedding option. These cords can be made in a variety of styles and colors, and can even be personalized to make them unique to the couple. Creating your handfasting cord can be a fulfilling and special experience that adds a personal touch to your wedding day.

    In this step-by-step guide, we will take you through the process of making your handfasting cords.

    A Detailed Guide With Easy-To-Follow Instructions

    Here is a detailed guide to making handfasting cords:

    • First, decide on the type of materials you want to use for your cord, including the color and texture. Popular materials include cotton, silk, or satin cords or ribbons, but you can choose any material that feels special to you.
    • Next, determine the length of your cord. Traditionally, handfasting cords are nine feet long, but you can adjust the length according to your preference.
    • Divide your cord into three equal parts. You can choose to use three different colors or textures, or opt for a more uniform look by using the same material for all three parts.
    • Knot the three cords together at one end, leaving some space at the top so that the cords can be easily tied together later.
    • Begin braiding the three cords together, using a simple three-strand braid. As you braid, visualize the love and commitment that you share with your partner.
    • Continue braiding until you have about six inches of cord remaining. Knot the cords together at the bottom to keep the braid from unraveling.
    • Decorate the finished end of your cords with ribbons, crystals, beads, or other meaningful embellishments. You can also tie small charms or trinkets onto the cords for additional personal touches.

    Including Pictures To Aid In Visualization

    Adding pictures can help you visualize the process and make it easier to follow along. Here are some tips for ensuring that the pictures aid in visualization:

    • Take clear, high-quality photos of each step.
    • Caption the photos with short descriptions that outline each step.
    • Use different angles to show each step from different perspectives.

    Tips And Tricks For Creating Beautiful And Unique Designs

    Here are some tips and tricks for crafting handfasting cords that are beautiful and unique:

    • Incorporate meaningful elements into your cords, such as gemstones that have special significance or pieces of fabric that hold sentimental value.
    • Use colors that are personal to you and your partner and that resonate with the theme of your ceremony.
    • Experiment with different braiding techniques to create unique patterns and textures.
    • Consider adding personalized embroidery or beading to the cords to make them truly one-of-a-kind.

    By following this step-by-step guide and incorporating your own unique touches, you can create handfasting cords that add a special and personal element to your ceremony.

    Alternative Ways To Use Handfasting Cords

    Other Ways To Use Handfasting Cords Beyond Their Traditional Symbolism

    Handfasting cords have been used for centuries as a symbol of unity, commitment, and love. However, these cords can also be used in various ways, ranging from non-traditional ceremonies to everyday life. Here are some alternative ways to use handfasting cords:

    • Create a dream catcher by tying the cords onto a metal hoop and attaching feathers, crystals, and other decorative elements. Hang it above your bed or in a sunny window to catch the light.
    • Use handfasting cords as a decorative element in your home. Wrap them around a vase, tie them onto a plant pot, or create a wreath by weaving them together with some greenery.
    • Incorporate the cords into your meditation or yoga practice. Use them to tie your hair back or wrap them around your wrist for a reminder of your intention.
    • Make a diy crystal necklace by tying the cords around a crystal and cutting them to your desired length. Wear it as a reminder of your commitment to yourself.
    • Create a scrapbook or journal by weaving the cords onto the cover or binding. This creates a personalized touch and reminds you of your commitment to your goals or memories.

    Examples Of How Handfasting Cords Can Be Used In Non-Traditional Ceremonies

    While handfasting cords have traditionally been used in pagan or wiccan ceremonies, people from various backgrounds have found alternative ways to incorporate them into their modern ceremonies. Here are some examples:

    • Use handfasting cords in a commitment ceremony to symbolize unity and love between partners of any gender.
    • Incorporate them into a wedding ceremony as a way to include cultural traditions or honor ancestors.
    • Use the cords in a baby naming ceremony to symbolize the love and commitment of parents or guardians.
    • Incorporate handfasting cords into a memorial ceremony as a way to honor and remember loved ones who have passed on.
    • Use the cords in a coming-of-age ceremony to symbolize growth and transition into adulthood.

    Ideas For Incorporating Handfasting Cords Into Your Everyday Life

    Handfasting cords can be used beyond just special occasions and ceremonies. Incorporating them into your everyday life can be a way to remind yourself of your commitments, goals, and intentions. Here are some ideas:

    • Use the cords as a bookmark in your favorite book to keep your place and remind you of your commitment to reading.
    • Tie the cords around your wrist as a reminder of your commitment to self-love and self-care.
    • Use the cords as a hair tie to remind yourself to focus on your health and fitness goals.
    • Create a vision board by attaching photos or cutouts onto the cords and hanging them on your wall as a reminder of your aspirations and goals.
    • Use the cords as a bracelet or anklet to remind yourself of your commitment to a certain goal or intention, such as sobriety or mindfulness.

    Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Make Handfasting Cords

    What Materials Do I Need To Make Handfasting Cords?

    To make handfasting cords, you will need cords, scissors, tape measure, and a lighter. You may choose the cords of different colors or materials, but they should be durable and strong enough to hold knots.

    How Long Should A Handfasting Cord Be?

    The length of the handfasting cord should be around nine feet (2. 7 meters) to allow enough length to tie several knots and wrap around the couple’s hands. Measure the cord carefully before cutting it to ensure it is long enough.

    What Is The Significance Of Handfasting Cords?

    Handfasting ceremony is a symbolic ritual of uniting two people in marriage. Handfasting cords are a representation of binding the couple’s hands together, symbolizing their union, commitment, and promise to each other. The cords can also have personal or spiritual meanings for the couple.

    What Types Of Knots Are Used In Handfasting Cords?

    The type of knots used in handfasting cords can vary, depending on the personal beliefs and traditions. Commonly used knots are the celtic lover’s knot or the infinity knot, signifying the infinite and eternal love between the couple. You can also use other knots such as square knots, fisherman’s knots, or simple overhand knots.

    Can I Personalize My Handfasting Cords?

    Yes, you can personalize your handfasting cords according to your preferences and beliefs. You may choose cords of different colors, add meaningful beads, charms, or symbols, or even incorporate your family’s tartan or heritage. Personalized handfasting cords make the ceremony more meaningful and special for the couple.


    Handfasting cords have been used for centuries as a symbol of unity and commitment. The process of making these cords is easy and creative. You can create a unique piece that represents your relationship’s distinctiveness without spending too much money.

    This process requires a few items, and you can create something meaningful in your relationship. The colors of the cords used can symbolize different things, and the symbolism of the cords can be according to your personal beliefs. You can use these cords in your wedding ceremony or as a simple token of your love and commitment.

    Follow this simple guide on how to make handfasting cords, and you can create a beautiful and memorable piece that will make your connection stronger. Try this method today and let the cords be a representation of your unique bond!


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