How to Play Valorant on Chromebook: A Comprehensive Guide


    To play valorant on chromebook, you can use a virtual machine with windows installed. Valorant is a popular team-based shooting game that has attracted a lot of players since its release.

    Unfortunately, the game is not available on chromebook, a device that has gained popularity among users for its lightweight design and affordability. However, there is a way to play valorant on chromebook. One option is to use a virtual machine with windows installed.

    This solution requires some technical knowledge but can be a great workaround for those who want to play valorant on chromebook without having to purchase a new device. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up a virtual machine on your chromebook and installing windows and valorant on it.

    How to Play Valorant on Chromebook: A Comprehensive Guide


    Requirements For Playing Valorant On Chromebook

    Specifications And Versions Required For Playing Valorant On A Chromebook

    If you are an avid gamer, you are probably aware that some laptops are not suitable for playing modern games like valorant. However, with a few tweaks, valorant can be played on a chromebook. To play valorant on a chromebook, your device must meet some necessary requirements.

    Below are the essential specifications and versions of software your chromebook must have:

    • Processor: It is imperative to have an intel core i3 or better processor for efficient gameplay. The better the processor, the smoother gameplay will be.
    • Operating system: The latest version of chrome os or linux operating system can run valorant on a chromebook. It is essential to have a supported os as chrome os allows you to run multiple apps smoothly and provides better integration with online services.
    • Ram and storage: It is better to have at least 4 gb of ram and 10 gb of storage on your device, so you can smoothly run other applications as valorant can take significant memory.
    • Graphics card: For an optimal gaming experience, it is necessary to have a chromebook with an intel hd or better graphics card. You can check your device’s gpu specifications in the system information settings.
    • Internet connectivity: Valorant is an online game, so a stable internet connection is necessary. A wired connection with at least 6 mbps speed is recommended for smooth gameplay.

    Having a chromebook with these specifications can ensure a decent gaming experience playing valorant. You can check your system information to determine whether your device meets these requirements.

    Setting Up Chromebook For Valorant

    Steps To Follow To Set Up A Chromebook For Valorant Gameplay

    Valorant is a popular first-person shooter game that requires a powerful system to run smoothly. Fortunately, playing valorant on a chromebook is also possible if you follow the right steps. Here’s what you need to do:

    Step 1: Check The System Requirements

    Before setting up your chromebook for valorant gameplay, make sure your system meets the minimum requirements. Your chromebook must have at least 4gb ram, intel hd graphics 620, and a 64-bit operating system installed. If your system does not meet these requirements, you may experience lag or other issues while playing the game.

    Step 2: Install Linux On Your Chromebook

    Valorant runs on windows, which is not compatible with chrome os. To play the game on your chromebook, you need to install linux. Follow these steps to install linux:

    • Open the settings app on your chromebook
    • Scroll down to the “linux (beta)” section and click on it
    • Click on “turn on” to enable linux on your chromebook
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process

    Step 3: Download Valorant

    Once you have installed linux on your chromebook, you can download valorant from the official website. Here’s how:

    • Open your web browser and go to
    • Click on “download”
    • Open the “terminal” app on your chromebook
    • Navigate to the directory where you want to download the game
    • Type “wget https: //” and press enter
    • Type “sudo sh” and press enter
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process

    Step 4: Launch Valorant

    You can launch valorant from the linux terminal. Here’s how:

    • Open the “terminal” app on your chromebook
    • Navigate to the directory where you installed valorant
    • Type “./valheim” and press enter
    • The game should launch and you can start playing

    Step 5: Optimize Your Chromebook For Gameplay

    To improve your gaming experience, you may need to optimize your chromebook’s settings. Here are some tips:

    • Close any unnecessary apps and tabs to free up system resources
    • Turn off any power-saving features that may limit your system’s performance
    • Use a mouse instead of the built-in trackpad for better control
    • Reduce the game’s graphics settings if you experience lag or low frame rates

    With these steps, you can set up your chromebook for valorant gameplay and start playing your favorite game without any issues. So, go ahead and give it a try!

    Configuring Graphics Settings For Maximum Performance

    Playing valorant on a chromebook can be a challenging task. However, if you want to maximize your performance and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, configuring graphics settings is essential. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the necessary steps you need to take to configure graphics settings for maximum valorant gameplay performance on your chromebook.

    Check Chromebook Compatibility For Playing Valorant Games

    Before configuring graphics settings, you must first ensure your chromebook is compatible with playing valorant games. Here are the compatibility requirements for playing games on a chromebook:

    • A chromebook that supports play store apps
    • Chromebook with intel core processors and amd processors
    • Supported operating systems include windows 7/8/10 and macos yosemite onwards.

    Configuring Graphics Settings On Chromebook

    To configure graphics settings for maximum performance on your chromebook, follow these simple steps:

    • Launch valorant, and then select the “settings” option
    • Click on the “video” tab
    • Set the “graphics quality” to “low”

    Optimizing Display Settings For Valorant Games

    You can optimize the display settings on your chromebook to ensure high-quality graphics performance in valorant gameplay. Here’s how:

    • Go to the “device” settings of your chromebook
    • Click on the “display” option
    • Ensure that the “resolution” is set to the maximum, and the “refresh rate” is set to 60hz.

    Maximize Gaming Experience With External Accessories

    You can also purchase external accessories to maximize your gaming experience on your chromebook. Here are a few external accessories you can consider:

    • Usb cooling pad to prevent overheating
    • External keyboard and mouse for precision gaming
    • External ssd (solid-state drive) for additional storage.

    With these necessary steps, you can configure graphics settings on your chromebook for maximum performance in valorant gameplay. Remember, optimizing the display settings and using external accessories can help you enjoy uninterrupted gameplay experience on your chromebook.

    Tips & Tricks For Optimal Gameplay Experience

    General Tips And Tricks To Enhance The Gameplay Experience For Valorant On A Chromebook

    As valorant continues to grow in popularity, gamers are seeking ways to play the game on their chromebooks. However, playing a high-octane game like valorant on a chromebook can be a bit challenging. No need to worry though! Here are some general tips and tricks for you to enhance your gameplay experience on valorant using a chromebook.

    • Installing valorant on a chromebook

    : to install valorant on your chromebook, you can use the play store to download and install it. However, not all chromebooks have native support for this game, so you need to ensure that your chromebook meets the minimum requirements.

    It is recommended to have at least 8 gb ram and an intel pentium processor with a speed of 2. 5 ghz to enjoy a smooth performance.

    • Use a wired ethernet connection

    : when playing valorant, using a wired ethernet connection can provide a stable and fast internet connection, reducing ping and lag during gameplay.

    • Make your chromebook ready for gaming

    : chromebooks do not come with dedicated graphics cards, so optimizing the chromebook for gaming is crucial. Ensure that your chromebook is updated, fully charged, and running on high performance. You can also disable unnecessary extensions and programs to free up some space and reduce any potential interruptions during the game.

    • Optimize graphics settings

    : to make the best use of your chromebook’s hardware, adjust the graphics settings to meet the performance of your system. Lowering the graphics settings to a lower setting can run the game better, so you do not have to worry about any disruptions during gameplay.

    • Choose the right mouse settings

    : mouse settings are also crucial to enhance gameplay. Adjusting the sensitivity and dpi settings can help you improve your accuracy and aiming skills, making you a formidable player in the game. You can play around with different mouse settings to find what suits you best.

    • Reduce distractions

    : a calm and distraction-free environment is important to enhance your gameplay experience. Turn off any extra notifications, music, or tv shows that can be a distraction and focus solely on the game.

    • Engage in practice matches

    : valorant offers a training ground mode, and practicing in this mode can help you improve your aim, learn maps, and understand how different weapons work. Engage in these practice matches to help you enhance your skills.

    • Communicate with your teammates

    : it is important to communicate well with your teammates during the game to share information, strategies, and tactics. Use the in-game chat to voice your opinions on what should be done during the match or simply inform your team of the enemy’s moves.

    • Take care of your hardware

    : chromebooks are not built to endure intense gaming sessions. So taking care of the hardware becomes important to maintain its longevity. Keeping your chromebook clean, not exposing it to extreme temperatures, and ensuring that it is only charged when needed will help you get the best of both worlds.

    By following these tips and tricks, you will surely enjoy playing valorant on a chromebook and have an optimal gameplay experience. Happy gaming!

    Frequently Asked Questions On How To Play Valorant On Chromebook

    Can You Play Valorant On A Chromebook?

    Yes, you can play valorant on a chromebook with some adjustments. However, it depends on the chromebook’s specifications and if it’s compatible with the game.

    How Can I Download Valorant On A Chromebook?

    You can download valorant on a chromebook by installing windows on your chromebook. This process requires enabling developer mode, installing linux, and configuring wine to run windows applications.

    Is It Illegal To Install Windows On A Chromebook To Play Valorant?

    No, it’s not illegal to install windows on a chromebook to play valorant. However, it requires some technical knowledge or help from an expert. Moreover, installation voids the warranty and may cause software issues on your device.

    What Are The Recommended Specifications For Playing Valorant On Chromebook?

    The recommended specifications for playing valorant on chromebook are an intel core i5 processor or above, 8gb ram, and a dedicated graphics card of 1gb or above.

    Can I Play Valorant On My Chromebook Without Installing Windows?

    Currently, riot games has not released a version of valorant for chromebook or chrome os. However, you can try playing similar games like cs:go, overwatch, and team fortress 2 on your chromebook.

    How Much Ram Is Needed To Play Valorant On A Chromebook?

    A minimum of 4gb ram is required to play valorant on a chromebook. However, it’s recommended to have 8gb of ram to ensure smoother gameplay and avoid lagging issues.


    After following the steps mentioned above on how to play valorant on a chromebook, it is now possible for chromebook users to enjoy this highly popular game without having to buy another machine. The key to playing the game is to have a powerful internet connection and a compatibility tool like crossover.

    Although this option isn’t as efficient as playing the game on a gaming pc or other dedicated gaming machines, it is still a great solution. Playing valorant on chromebook can be challenging, but with patience and dedication, it’s possible. With these simple steps, now anyone can play valorant easily on chromebook, and join the millions already experiencing the rush of the game.

    So don’t hold back, start playing today and enjoy the thrill!


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