How to Master the Art of Putting on a Cheer Bow


    To put on a cheer bow, simply pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure the bow firmly to your head. Now, let’s discuss some tips and tricks for getting your cheer bow in just the right spot.

    As a cheerleader, part of your uniform is sporting a vibrant and flashy cheer bow. While it may seem like a simple accessory, getting it just right can make or break your cheerleading look. A cheer bow is not just a bow, but it’s a symbol of the spirit, energy, and excitement that cheerleading brings.

    As such, it is essential to know how to put on your cheer bow properly. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be sporting your bow like a pro in no time. So, let’s get started on perfecting your cheerleading style!

    How to Master the Art of Putting on a Cheer Bow


    Understanding The Importance Of Cheering Bow- An Introduction

    Cheerleading bows are an essential accessory that completes a cheerleader’s outfit. It is not just a mere accessory; instead, it serves a crucial role in the sport. Cheerleading bows are designed to be eye-catching and make the cheerleader look elegant while performing.

    What Is A Cheering Bow?

    A cheering bow is a hair accessory worn by cheerleaders that completes their uniform. It is usually made of a type of ribbon, with various colors, prints, patterns, and styles to choose from. The typical size of cheering bows is six to eight inches in length and are usually attached to an elastic band.

    The Importance Of Cheerleading Bows

    Cheerleading bows play a vital role in cheerleading and serve several purposes:

    • Unifies the team: A cheerleading bow provides a uniform look and creates team spirit and unity.
    • Attracts attention: Cheerleading bows are made to be attractive and catch the attention of the audience, making it easier for them to see the movements and actions of the cheerleaders.
    • Brand awareness: Cheerleading bows can be customised with the team’s colors, name, or logo, which is an excellent way of promoting the team and creating a unique brand.

    Why Learning To Put On A Cheer Bow Is Crucial For Your Cheerleading Squad

    Knowing how to properly put on a cheer bow is as important as the bow itself. Here are some reasons why:

    • Neat appearance: If a cheerleader is wearing a poorly tied bow or the placement is incorrect, it can look untidy and unprofessional. Properly tying the bow adds to the overall appeal the cheerleading squad wants to achieve.
    • Time management: Learning how to put on a cheer bow quickly and efficiently ensures that the squad is ready on time for their performances.
    • Uniformity: A cheer bow placed at the same spot with similar bows can give a well-coordinated look to the team.

    Cheerleading bows are essential in a cheerleading squad’s uniform, and knowing how to properly put them on is equally crucial. A well-tied bow not only enhances the appearance of the outfit but also contributes to a cheerleading team’s overall spirit and coordination.

    Choosing The Right Cheer Bow: Tips And Tricks

    When it comes to cheerleading, as much as we love the jumps, flips, and stunts, the outfit itself is what truly completes the overall look. And what better to tie everything together than a cheer bow? However, with so many options out in the market, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of colors, styles, and designs.

    In this guide, we’ll discuss choosing the right cheer bow that suits your team’s overall look.

    Types Of Cheerleading Bows

    There are three main types of cheer bows: classic, tailless, and specialty.


    The classic cheerleading bow is what we usually see in most competitions. It features a standard size bow that ranges from 6 to 8 inches wide. This type of cheer bow flows down to a longer tail that adds more visual appeal to the cheerleader’s outfit.


    As the name implies, tailless cheer bows are shorter in length compared to classic bows. This type of bow ranges from 3 to 5 inches in width and has no tails. These bows are perfect for cheerleaders who prefer a less dramatic style.


    Specialty bows are for the cheerleaders who want to stand out. This type of cheer bow features extra designs, such as patterns, glitter, and even rhinestones. These bows are typically more costly than classic or tailless bows but are definitely worth the investment if the team wants to make a statement.

    Factors To Consider When Choosing A Cheer Bow

    When choosing a cheer bow, a few factors need to be kept in mind.

    Team Guidelines

    Before choosing a cheer bow, create a list of guidelines provided by the coach or team captain regarding colors, styles, and designs for the team. This guideline helps to narrow down the options and ensures that the overall look of the team is coordinated.


    When it comes to specialty bows, prices tend to be higher than classic or tailless bows. It’s important to create a budget that works for the entire team before choosing a specific bow.

    Hair Type

    Cheerleading bows typically come with either an elastic band or alligator clip. If the team has members with thicker hair, elastic ribbon bows can be more comfortable to wear throughout the game or competition.

    The Importance Of Color Coordination With Your Uniform

    Apart from choosing the right style of cheer bow, color coordination is imperative. Here’s why:


    Uniforms and cheer bows that are coordinated visually enhance the performers’ overall look and create a sense of unity among the team.

    Visual Contrast

    When wearing a cheer bow, it’s essential to note the base color of the uniform and ensure the bow’s color is in contrast. This contrast helps the bow to pop, drawing more visual attention to the team’s appearance.

    Final Thoughts

    Choosing the right cheer bow is an important aspect of cheerleading. Remember to consider your team’s guidelines, budget, hair type, and color coordination when choosing your bow. Keep this guide in mind, and you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the perfect cheer bow for your team!

    Prepping Your Hair And Bow For Success

    When it comes to putting on a cheer bow, proper preparation is key. Not only will it make sure you look your best, but it will also ensure that the bow stays secure throughout your performance. In this section, we’ll cover everything you need to know about prepping your hair and bow for success.

    Preparing Your Hair For A Cheer Bow

    Before putting on your cheer bow, you’ll want to make sure your hair is prepped and ready for the bow to stay secure. Here’s how to prepare your hair:

    • Start with clean, dry hair. If your hair is damp or wet, it will be more challenging to secure the bow.
    • Apply hairspray or styling gel to tame flyaways and help hold your hair in place.
    • Comb your hair down and smooth it out, focusing on the area where you’ll be placing the bow.

    Getting Your Bow In The Right Position

    Now that your hair is prepped and ready, it’s time to put on your cheer bow. Here’s how to get it in the right position:

    • Hold the bow with both hands and position it at the crown of your head.
    • Make sure the bow is centered and straight.
    • Slide the bow down to the spot where you want it to sit and adjust it until it’s secure.

    Tips For A Secure And Long-Lasting Hold

    To make sure your cheer bow stays in place and looks great throughout your performance, here are a few tips:

    • Use bobby pins to secure the bow to your hair. Place the pins at an angle, making an x-shape for a more secure hold.
    • Use hair elastic to further secure the bow in place.
    • Spray a bit of hairspray on the bow and hair to help keep everything in place.

    Remember, practicing putting on your cheer bow will help you become more comfortable and efficient with the process. With the right prep and tips, you can have a secure and stylish cheer bow every time you perform.

    The Art Of Tying A Cheer Bow

    Cheerleading is a physical activity that requires a lot of effort and practice. The cheer bow is an essential part of the uniform that requires no less attention. It’s not just an accessory that looks good – it must adhere to certain rules.

    The art of tying a cheer bow can be compared to an art form, as it requires precision and a knack for symmetry. Learn how to tie your cheer bow with these simple steps.

    Basic Steps In Tying A Cheer Bow

    Tying a cheer bow may seem confusing, but it’s actually quite simple. Follow these steps to tie your cheer bow like a pro:

    • Start by tucking your hair away from your face
    • Hold the ribbon in your hands and place it over your head
    • Cross the two ends of the ribbon, making sure they are even
    • Take the left end of the ribbon and make a loop with the tail pointing upwards
    • Do the same with the right end
    • Cross the two loops and tie them in a knot
    • Make sure that the two loops are the same size
    • Fluff the loops to form a full bow
    • Adjust the tails to make them hang straight

    Tips For Maintaining Symmetry And Shape

    Achieving symmetry when tying a cheer bow is essential. Here are a few tips to help you keep your cheer bow aligned and in shape:

    • Keep the loops even by pulling them tight as you loop each side
    • Measure the loops if you need visual assistance to make sure they are the same size
    • Align the tails by holding them together and cutting them to the length you desire
    • Use hairspray or some form of hair product to keep your hair in place under the bow
    • Store your cheer bow in a way that maintains shape, such as hanging it on a hanger or keeping it in a box

    The French Braid Method

    Another method for tying your cheer bow is the french braid method. This method is a bit more advanced, but it results in a spectacularly polished appearance. Follow these steps to achieve this ultimate cheer bow look:

    • Begin by creating three sections of the hair at the crown, starting at the hairline
    • Braid the hair in a french braid style
    • Cross the ribbon over the french braid, starting at the back
    • Do this on both sides of the braid
    • Take the two ends of the ribbon and tie them in a knot at the bottom of the braid
    • Create the bow by following the same instructions as with the basic method

    The art of tying a cheer bow is not as daunting as it may seem. By following these simple steps, tips, and tricks, you will be able to tie your cheer bow with ease. Whether you choose the basic method or the french braid method, you will surely stand out with your perfect cheer bow at your next event.

    Advanced Techniques To Perfect Your Cheer Bow Game

    Cheer bows are an essential accessory for cheerleaders, and perfecting your cheer bow game can really make a difference on the competition mat. In this section, we will discuss advanced techniques to help you create the perfect cheer bow every time.

    How To Create A Double Bow Effect

    If you’re looking to take your cheer bow to the next level, you can create a double bow effect. Here are some tips to achieve this look:

    • Start with a base bow in your primary color and add a smaller bow in a contrasting color on top.
    • Attach the smaller bow with a hair tie, fastening it to the back of the base bow.
    • Make sure the smaller bow is centered on top of the base bow to create a symmetrical look.
    • You can also add a ribbon trail to the smaller bow for an extra pop of color.

    Adding Texture And Dimension To Your Cheer Bow

    Adding texture and dimension can make your cheer bow really stand out. Here are some techniques you can use:

    • Use ribbons of varying widths to create a layered effect.
    • Incorporate different textures, such as metallic or glitter ribbon, or add tulle for a softer look.
    • Stack loops of ribbon on top of each other to create depth and dimension.
    • Experiment with different folding techniques to create unique shapes.

    Decorating Your Cheer Bow With Stickers, Glitter, And Other Embellishments

    Decorating your cheer bow with stickers, glitter, and other embellishments is a great way to add a personal touch. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    • Use heat-transfer vinyl to add your name or team logo to your cheer bow.
    • Add rhinestones or sequins for a touch of sparkle.
    • Experiment with different types of stickers, such as emoji or motivational quotes.
    • Use fabric paint or markers to create your own custom designs.

    By using these advanced techniques, you can really elevate your cheer bow game and stand out on the competition mat. So go ahead and get creative!

    Wrapping Up- Practice, Practice, Practice

    Putting on a cheer bow can seem like a daunting task, but with a little practice, anyone can do it! As with any new skill, practice is essential to mastering the art of tying on a cheer bow. In this section, we will discuss the importance of practicing and how to encourage your squad to practice together.

    We will also explore the rewards of mastering the skill of putting on a cheer bow.

    The Importance Of Practicing Tying On A Cheer Bow

    • Practicing tying on a cheer bow can help build muscle memory, making it easier and quicker to tie on the bow in the future.
    • The more you practice, the more confident you will become in your ability to tie on a cheer bow, which can translate to better performance during games and competitions.
    • Practicing also helps ensure that your cheer bow stays securely in place throughout a performance.

    Encouraging Your Squad To Practice Together

    • Schedule regular practice sessions specifically focused on tying on a cheer bow.
    • Have squad members pair up and practice helping each other tie on their bows.
    • Utilize instructional videos or diagrams to demonstrate the proper technique for tying on a cheer bow.
    • Make the practice sessions fun and encourage squad members to give each other feedback and support.

    The Rewards Of Mastering The Art Of Putting On A Cheer Bow

    • Mastering the skill of putting on a cheer bow can lead to a sense of accomplishment and pride.
    • A perfectly tied cheer bow can enhance a uniform, making squad members feel more confident and put-together.
    • Finally, with enough practice, tying on a cheer bow can become like second nature, allowing squad members to focus more on their performance and less on their appearance.

    Remember, practice makes perfect! Keep practicing tying on your cheer bow and before you know it, it will become second nature. Encourage your squad to practice together, and enjoy the rewards that come with mastering this important skill.

    Frequently Asked Questions For How To Put On A Cheer Bow

    How Do You Tie A Cheer Bow?

    To tie a cheer bow, lay the ribbon flat, tie a knot in the center, create two loops with the ribbon, and tie the loops together with another knot. Adjust the loops and tails to make the bow look even on both sides.

    How Do You Secure A Cheer Bow?

    To secure a cheer bow, use bobby pins to attach the bow to the hair, starting from underneath and going over the knot of the bow. Crisscross the bobby pins to hold the bow in place. Alternatively, use a hair elastic to tie the hair into a ponytail, then wrap the bow’s tail around it, and secure with bobby pins.

    How Do You Make A Cheer Bow Stand Up?

    To make a cheer bow stand up, use a stiff, wired ribbon or add a layer of interfacing. Fold the ribbon in a series of accordion-style pleats, and tie it tightly with a string or ribbon. Adjust the folds to create the bow shape and add tails.

    Finally, use either hairspray or fabric stiffener to make the bow hold its shape.


    Putting on a cheer bow may seem like a simple task, but it requires precision and attention to detail. To ensure your cheer bow looks its best, follow these steps carefully. First, make sure your hair is neatly pulled back in a ponytail or bun.

    Next, attach the bow to a hair elastic or clip and position it on top of your hairline. Adjust the bow until it’s centered and secure. Finally, smooth out any bumps or flyaways with a hairbrush or hairspray. With these tips in mind, putting on a cheer bow can be a quick and easy addition to your cheer look.

    Remember, the right cheer bow can make a big difference in your overall appearance. So why not take the time to master this skill and add some extra flair to your cheer routine?


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