How to Easily Reduce Fps in Airsoft: The Ultimate Guide!


    To reduce fps in airsoft, adjust the spring or use a weaker one. Airsoft enthusiasts may be required to reduce fps to comply with local regulations or to ensure their airsoft guns perform safely.

    Fps (feet per second) is the velocity at which the airsoft pellets exit the barrel. Lowering fps is achievable by modifying the airsoft gun’s internal components, such as the spring. Having an airsoft gun that shoots too fast can cause injury or lead to the elimination of the sport in certain regions, so it is important to know how to safely reduce fps.

    By adhering to local regulations, players can ensure the longevity of their beloved sport and continue to enjoy it for years to come.

    How to Easily Reduce Fps in Airsoft: The Ultimate Guide!


    Factors That Affect Fps

    Airsoft players often struggle with maintaining a consistent fps (feet per second) output from their guns. Fps is crucial because it determines the range, accuracy, and impact of an airsoft gun. Several factors can affect the fps output, and players must understand them to maintain their gun’s optimal performance.

    Here are the primary factors that affect fps:

    Types Of Airsoft Guns And Their Fps

    Different types of airsoft guns have different fps outputs; therefore, it’s necessary to understand your gun’s type to know its optimal fps range. Here are some common types of airsoft guns and their respective fps ranges:

    • Spring-powered guns: 250-300 fps
    • Gas-powered guns: 300-400 fps
    • Electric-powered guns: 300-400 fps

    Different Types Of Bbs And Their Fps

    The weight and diameter of the bbs can significantly affect the fps output of the airsoft gun. Using heavier bbs will decrease the fps, whereas using lighter bbs will increase it. Here are some common types of bbs and their respective fps ranges:

    • 0.12g bbs: 200-250 fps
    • 0.20g bbs: 250-300 fps
    • 0.25g bbs: 300-350 fps
    • 0.28g bbs: 350-400 fps
    • 0.30g bbs: 400-450 fps

    Weather Conditions That Affect Fps

    Weather conditions can significantly affect the fps output of airsoft guns. High temperatures increase the fps output, while cold temperatures decrease it. Here are some weather conditions that affect fps:

    • High temperatures: 5-15 fps increase
    • Humidity: 2-8 fps increase
    • Cold temperatures: 5-20 fps decrease
    • Wind: Decreases accuracy and range

    How To Determine Your Gun’S Fps

    It’s crucial to determine your gun’s fps output to maintain its optimal performance. You can determine your gun’s fps by using an fps chronograph or by measuring the distance the bbs travel in a certain amount of time. Here’s how to determine your gun’s fps:

    • Use an fps chronograph: Shoot your gun through the chronograph and measure the fps output.
    • Measure the distance: Shoot your gun in a controlled environment and measure the distance the bbs travel in a certain amount of time.

    Understanding the factors that affect fps and how to determine your gun’s optimal fps can significantly enhance your airsoft gameplay. Remember to always abide by local laws regarding fps limits and only use safe and appropriate equipment.

    Methods To Reduce Fps

    Airsoft is a popular recreational sport that involves shooting opponents with plastic pellets using replica guns. The speed at which a pellet travels is measured in feet per second (fps), and it is essential to reduce fps for safety concerns and legal reasons.

    Here are some effective methods to reduce fps in airsoft guns.

    Spring Swap

    Swapping out the stock spring for a weaker spring is an effective way to reduce fps in airsoft guns. A weaker spring will generate less power and will, therefore, reduce the velocity of the pellet. Here are some key points to consider when swapping the spring:

    • Consult with an expert before making any changes to the spring.
    • Buy a spring that is specifically designed for your airsoft gun model.
    • Be cautious not to damage the gun while swapping the spring.
    • Test the fps after the swap to ensure that it has reduced to below the legal limit.

    Air Restrictor Removal

    Air restrictors are pieces of plastic located inside the airsoft gun. They restrict the amount of air that passes through the gun and into the pellet. Removing air restrictors is an effective way to reduce fps in airsoft guns. Here are some key points to consider when removing air restrictors:

    • Consult with an expert before removing the air restrictors.
    • Be cautious not to damage the gun while removing the air restrictors.
    • Test the fps after removing the air restrictors to ensure that it has reduced to below the legal limit.

    Barrel Shortening

    The barrel length of an airsoft gun can also affect the fps. Shortening the barrel length can help reduce the velocity of the pellet, thereby reducing the fps of the gun. However, shortening the barrel length can affect the accuracy of the gun.

    Here are some key points to consider when shortening the barrel length:

    • Consult with an expert before shortening the barrel length.
    • Measure the required length of the barrel before shortening it.
    • Be cautious not to damage the gun while shortening the barrel length.
    • Test the fps and accuracy of the gun after shortening the barrel length.

    Reducing the fps of an airsoft gun is crucial for safety and legal reasons. The above methods are some effective ways to do so. Always consult with an expert before making any changes to the gun, and make sure to test the fps after each change to ensure that it has reduced to below the legal limit.

    Tips For Consistent Fps

    Airsoft players are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their performance, and maintaining a consistent fps (feet per second) is crucial in achieving just that. However, fluctuations in fps can be frustrating and even dangerous. In this post, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips on how to reduce fps airsoft fluctuations and maintain a constant fps while playing.

    Importance Of Consistent Fps In Airsoft

    Consistent fps is essential in airsoft because it affects the accuracy and range of your shots. If your gun’s fps is fluctuating, it can cause shots to fall short or overshoot, therefore reducing your effectiveness on the field. Moreover, maintaining a consistent fps is critical for safety reasons, as it ensures that your gun is shooting within the game’s maximum fps limits.

    Ways To Measure And Maintain Consistent Fps

    To measure your gun’s fps, you’ll need an fps chronograph. Here are some ways to help you maintain consistent fps:

    • Use high-quality bbs: Using high-quality bbs ensures consistency in fps and accuracy, compared to lower quality bbs.
    • Keep your gun well-maintained: Regular cleaning and maintenance of your airsoft gun help prevent fps fluctuations from mechanical issues.
    • Monitor your gun’s battery life: Weak batteries can lead to fluctuations in fps. Make sure to monitor your battery life and replace them when needed.
    • Adjust your hop-up: Adjusting your hop-up correctly ensures that bbs travel consistently at the same fps speed.

    Best Practices To Avoid Fps Fluctuations

    Here are some best practices to help you avoid fps fluctuations while playing:

    • Keep your gun in a consistent environment: Changes in temperature and humidity can affect your gun’s consistency. Therefore, make sure to maintain a constant temperature and keep your gun out of direct sunlight.
    • Allow your gun to warm up before play: Cold guns tend to shoot slower, leading to fps fluctuations. Allow your gun to warm up before the game starts to ensure consistent fps.
    • Use the same magazines: Using different magazines can result in varying fps levels, making it hard to maintain a constant fps.
    • Regularly monitor your gun’s fps: Monitoring your gun’s fps regularly in between games helps ensure consistency.

    Maintaining a consistent fps is crucial in airsoft as it affects both your accuracy and safety. Use these tips to measure and maintain a consistent fps, and avoid fluctuations, making you more effective and efficient in the game.

    Safety Considerations

    As you look to reduce the fps – the velocity of the pellet – from your airsoft gun, safety should be at the forefront of your mind. Tinkering with the rifle is not without its risks, but with a few simple steps, you can ensure that you reduce them as much as possible.

    In this section, we’ll cover the essential safety considerations when handling your airsoft weapon, including protective gear and precautions to take.

    Importance Of Prioritizing Safety While Tinkering With Your Airsoft Gun

    When reducing the fps on your airsoft gun, it is crucial to prioritize safety above everything else. Safety should be a top priority throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

    To help keep your tinkering as safe as possible, follow these guidelines:

    • Always wear appropriate safety gear
    • Ensure that all tools and equipment are well-maintained and in good working order
    • Keep children and pets away from the work area

    Recommendations For Protective Equipment

    When tinkering with your airsoft gun, protective equipment is necessary. It will ensure that you don’t harm yourself or others during the process. Here are some protective gear recommendations:

    • Eye protection: Wearing safety goggles or shooting glasses will help protect your eyes from any flying debris.
    • Gloves: Gloves will prevent your hands from coming into contact with any dangerous tools and equipment. They’ll also keep your hands clean.
    • Face mask: A face mask will protect your face from any toxic chemicals and flying debris, especially if you’re painting your gun.

    Precautions To Take While Reducing Fps, Making Sure That Each H3 Heading Adheres To Markdown Syntax

    Finally, it’s vital to take precautions to ensure that you don’t put anyone at risk while working on your airsoft gun. Here are some precautions you must follow:

    • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before disassembling the gun.
    • Start with a low fps setting and work your way up incrementally.
    • Be careful when handling the spring, as it can cause injury if it snaps back.
    • Never point your airsoft rifle at a person or pet, even if the gun is unloaded.

    Remember to prioritize safety above all else when tinkering with your airsoft gun. Take appropriate precautions, wear protective gear, and follow all guidelines to minimize risks. With a little bit of care, you can safely reduce the fps of your airsoft gun and get back to playing your favorite game.

    Frequently Asked Questions For How To Reduce Fps Airsoft

    How Can I Reduce Fps On My Airsoft Gun?

    You can reduce fps on your airsoft gun by upgrading the spring or using lighter bbs. You can also add a silencer or use a lower power gas, such as co2, to reduce fps.

    Why Is Fps Important In Airsoft?

    Fps (feet per second) is important in airsoft because it determines the velocity and overall power of the gun. If the fps is too high, it can cause harm or injury to other players, so it’s important to regulate and reduce fps as needed.

    What Are The Consequences Of High Fps In Airsoft?

    The consequences of high fps in airsoft include the risk of serious injury or harm to other players. A gun with a high fps can also cause damage to property, which is why it’s important to regulate and reduce fps as needed.

    How Can I Test The Fps Of My Airsoft Gun?

    You can test the fps of your airsoft gun by using a chronograph, which is a device that measures the velocity of bbs as they pass through a sensor. Most airsoft fields have them available for use, but you can also purchase one for personal use.

    Can I Reduce Fps On My Airsoft Gun Without Upgrading Parts?

    Yes, you can reduce fps on your airsoft gun without upgrading parts by using lighter bbs or a lower power gas, such as co2. You can also add a silencer to reduce fps, but keep in mind that this may not be effective for all guns.


    After learning about the different ways to reduce fps in airsoft, it’s clear that there are several effective tips to ensure safety and fairness on the field. From using a weaker spring to limiting the weight of your bbs, every player must take responsibility for obeying the rules and regulations set forth by their local airsoft community.

    Properly maintaining your aeg, checking for air leaks, and using safety gear are also essential steps to prevent injury and increase overall performance. Remember, airsoft is a team sport that requires mutual respect and a commitment to following the guidelines.

    By taking the necessary precautions, we can all enjoy the excitement and thrill of airsoft without compromising the safety of ourselves and others. Keep these tips in mind and have a blast on the battlefield!


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