How to Reveal Hidden Text: Black Marker on iPhone


    To see through black marker on iphone, use a whiteboard marker on top of the black marks. If you ever accidentally mark your iphone screen with a black marker, don’t fret.

    There is a quick and easy solution to see through the black marks. By using a whiteboard marker on top of the black marks, the solvent in the whiteboard marker will dissolve the black marker ink and make it visible once again.

    However, it’s essential to be gentle and not press too hard to prevent any damage to your phone’s screen. This trick can also be used on other surfaces and works with different types of black markers. Try it out if you ever face this issue and watch the black marks disappear!

    How to Reveal Hidden Text: Black Marker on iPhone


    Why Use A Black Marker On Iphone For Text Revealing?

    Are you wondering how to reveal hidden text on your iphone? Well, using a black marker might be the solution. But why use a black marker on iphone for text revealing? Let’s dive in and discover the benefits of this method compared to others.

    We will also provide a step-by-step guide on how to use a black marker to reveal text on your iphone, so keep reading!

    Explanation Of The Benefits Of Using A Black Marker

    Using a black marker on iphone to reveal hidden text has some advantages:

    • It is a simple and quick method that anyone can use.
    • Compared to other methods, such as using an app or a computer program, it does not require any technical skills.
    • It does not involve any data recovery software or complex operations that may damage your device.
    • It is a low-cost and accessible solution that does not require any special equipment.

    Comparison With Other Non-Marker Methods

    While using a black marker on iphone is a simple and effective method, it is not the only one available. Here is a comparison of this method with other non-marker alternatives:

    • Copy-pasting the text into a new document or email: This method can work if the text is not hidden by a formatting layer or an image. However, it may not be effective if the text is locked or encrypted. Also, it requires some basic computer skills and may take some time.
    • Using ocr software: Ocr (optical character recognition) software can recognize text within an image, but it may not work if the image is of poor quality or the text is stylized or handwritten. Also, this method requires downloading and installing a software program, which may not be feasible for everyone.
    • Jailbreaking the iphone: This method involves removing some of the device’s restrictions to access its files and settings. While it can give you more control over your iphone, it also involves some risks, such as voiding your warranty, exposing your device to security threats, and impairing its performance.

    Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use A Black Marker To Reveal Text

    Now that you know the benefits of using a black marker and how it compares to other methods, let’s see how you can use this technique to reveal hidden text on your iphone:

    • Take a screenshot of the image or text that contains the hidden text.
    • Open the photos app and find the screenshot.
    • Tap the edit button in the upper right corner.
    • Tap the three-dot icon and choose markup.
    • Choose the black marker tool and use it to cover the text you want to reveal.
    • Press the done button in the upper left corner and then tap save.
    • Go back to the photos app and find the edited screenshot.
    • Tap the share button and choose the option to share the image as a pdf.
    • Choose the app where you want to share the pdf, such as email or messages.
    • Open the pdf in the receiving app and select the text you want to reveal. The covered text should show through the black marker.

    And there you have it! You can now use a black marker on your iphone to reveal hidden text with ease.

    Remember to use this method only for ethical purposes and respect other people’s privacy and rights. Also, keep in mind that using a black marker may not work in all cases, especially if the hidden text is part of an image or a video.

    In such cases, you may need to resort to other methods or seek professional help.

    We hope this guide has been helpful and that you can now use your iphone more effectively. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to share them in the comments below. Thank you for reading and happy revealing!

    Risks Of Using A Black Marker On Iphone

    If you are trying to reveal hidden text on your iphone and happen to stumble upon the black marker on iphone method, you might want to pause and consider the potential risks involved beforehand. While this method may seem like a quick and easy solution, it can actually cause irreversible damage to your device and render it useless.

    Explanation Of Potential Risks Involved

    Using a black marker on an iphone can result in the following risks:

    • Damage to the lcd screen – black markers contain harsh chemicals that can burn the screen and leave permanent marks, rendering it difficult or impossible to use.
    • Obstructed sensors – applying marker on the screen can block the proximity sensor, making it difficult or impossible to use the device’s features, such as face recognition or auto brightness adjustment.
    • Voided warranties – using a black marker on the device will void any warranty, leaving you unprotected from any technical issues or damages that may occur in the future.

    Precautions To Consider Before Using A Black Marker

    Before using a black marker on your iphone, it’s important to consider the following precautions:

    • Think about the implications – cover up the screen of your iphone with a black marker will result in a voided warranty, and may cause irreparable damage. Instead, consider alternative methods that will not cause any harm to your device.
    • Be aware of alternative options – there are multiple ways to reveal hidden text without damaging your device (mentioned further below).
    • Seek professional help – if you have doubts or concerns about revealing hidden text, seek help from a professional before attempting any method.

    Alternative Methods To Consider

    There are safer methods you can consider to reveal hidden text on your iphone without causing any damage. Here are some alternative methods:

    • Highlighting – instead of blacking out the text, you can use the highlighting tool within ios to highlight the content.
    • Copy and paste – copy the text and paste it into a different document where it can be read without issue.
    • Take a screenshot – you can take a screenshot of the page and then use an image editing tool to blur out or black out the confidential text.

    Using a black marker on your iphone to reveal hidden text should be avoided at all costs. Instead, consider using alternative methods that will not cause any damage to your device and keep in mind the precautions mentioned above. By following the right steps, you can easily reveal hidden text without causing any damage to your iphone.

    Other Methods To Reveal Hidden Text On Iphone

    Overview Of Other Visibility And Reveal Methods

    If you’ve ever encountered hidden text on an iphone, don’t worry, there are several other methods to reveal it without using a black marker. Here’s an overview of other visibility and reveal methods for hidden text on iphone:

    • Use the “select all” feature to highlight the entire text, then copy and paste it onto a new document or email to view it.
    • Use the accessibility settings to increase the contrast, magnify the text, or invert the colors, which can make the hidden text more visible.
    • Try using a different browser or app to view the text, as some apps display text more clearly than others.

    Comparison Of Different Methods

    Each method for revealing hidden text has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a comparison chart to give you a better idea:

    | Method | Pros | Cons |

    | — | — | — |

    | “select all” feature | easy to use | may not work depending on the layout or placement of the hidden text |

    | accessibility settings | provides multiple options | may take some time to set up and adjust |

    | using a different app/browser | can provide clarity | may not work depending on the app/browser type |

    Step-By-Step Guide For Each Method

    Using The “Select All” Feature

    • Open the webpage or document where the hidden text is located.
    • Highlight any of the visible text near the hidden text by tapping and holding your finger on it until it is highlighted in blue.
    • Tap “select all” from the options that appear.
    • The hidden text will appear highlighted in blue along with the visible text.
    • Then you can copy and paste the entire text into a new document or email for better visibility.

    Using Accessibility Settings

    • Open the “settings” app on your iphone.
    • Tap “general,” then select “accessibility.”
    • Tap “display & text,” then choose the desired option to increase the contrast, magnify the text, or invert the colors.
    • Adjust the settings as necessary to reveal the hidden text.

    Using A Different App/Browser

    • If you’re using the safari browser, try switching to another browser like google chrome or firefox.
    • Open the new browser and navigate to the same webpage with the hidden text.
    • Check if the hidden text is more visible on the new browser.
    • If not, try using a different app to view the text. For example, if the hidden text is in a note, try opening it in the notes app instead of the webpage.

    Best Practices For Revealing Hidden Text On Iphone

    When it comes to revealing hidden text on an iphone, it’s essential to follow a set of best practices to avoid any potential issues. Here are some tips on how to do it effectively:

    Explanation Of How To Avoid Potential Issues When Revealing Text

    Before we dive into how to reveal hidden text, it’s crucial to understand the potential issues that may arise. Here are some tips to avoid them:

    • Be careful not to damage the text underneath with excessive pressure when marking over it.
    • Do not reveal confidential information that could violate individual privacy or legal rights.
    • Use the black marker sparingly to avoid accidentally uncensoring more content than necessary.
    • Keep the marker clean and dry to avoid smudges or stains on the phone screen.

    Tips For Saving Revealed Text

    After successfully revealing hidden text on your iphone, you may want to preserve it for future reference. Here are some tips for saving it:

    • Take a screenshot of the revealed text by pressing the power button and home button simultaneously.
    • Copy and paste the text into a notes app or document.
    • Use the share function to send the revealed text to yourself or someone else via email or messaging app.

    Dos And Don’Ts For Text Revealing On Iphone

    Here are some essential dos and don’ts to keep in mind when revealing hidden text on an iphone:


    • Use a black marker to reveal hidden text on your iphone screen.
    • Be gentle with the marker, applying only enough pressure to reveal the text.
    • Use thin-tipped markers for more precise results.
    • Follow up with a soft screen wipe to remove any residual marker streaks.


    • Use a pen or other sharp object that could potentially damage the screen.
    • Share the revealed text without permission or if it violates privacy or legal rights.
    • Reveal text that could be potentially harmful or offensive to yourself or others.
    • Apply too much pressure with the marker, as it may damage the screen.

    With these best practices, you can reveal hidden text on your iphone safely and effectively. Remember to use caution and good judgment when handling sensitive or confidential information.

    Frequently Asked Questions For How To See Through Black Marker On Iphone

    How Can I See Through Black Marker On My Iphone’S Screen?

    You can see through black marker on your iphone’s screen by using an alcohol wipe or a dry-erase marker. Gently rub the screen with either of these to remove the black marker stains and see through the screen again.

    Can Dish Soap Be Used To Clean Off The Black Marker From My Iphone?

    Dish soap can be used to remove black marker stains from your iphone’s screen. Mix a small amount of dish soap with water and use a lint-free cloth to clean the screen. Be sure to dry the screen completely with a microfiber cloth.

    What’S The Recommended Way To Clean My Iphone’S Screen?

    The recommended way to clean your iphone’s screen is with a microfiber cloth. This gentle cloth removes smudges and dirt without scratching the screen. For tougher stains, mix a bit of water and rubbing alcohol and apply with the cloth.

    Avoid using paper towels or anything abrasive.

    Is It Possible To Prevent Black Marker From Staining My Iphone’S Screen?

    Yes, you can prevent black marker from staining your iphone’s screen by placing a screen protector on it. This will act as a barrier between the screen and the marker. Also, avoid putting your phone near markers or in places where they are frequently used to prevent accidents.

    Can I Fix My Iphone’S Screen If Black Marker Has Damaged It?

    If your iphone’s screen has been damaged by black marker, take it to a professional repair service. They can assess the damage and recommend the best solution, whether it’s a screen replacement or another type of repair. Don’t try to fix it yourself as you may cause more damage.


    After reading this article, you should now have a clear understanding of the different methods to see through black marker on your iphone. The first method involves using an eraser or rubbing alcohol, while the second method requires the use of a special app.

    However, it’s important to remember that these methods may not always work and may even damage your phone if not done carefully. In such cases, it’s always best to seek professional help. With the increasing use of smartphones and the need for privacy, it’s important to know how to remove unwanted marking from your phone screen.

    With these tips, you can now easily see through any black marker on your iphone screen and protect your privacy. So go ahead and try out these methods and share your feedback in the comments section below.


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