How to Disable Explicit Content on Alexa in 5 Steps


    To turn off explicit on alexa, navigate to the alexa app’s settings and disable the explicit language filter. Alexa is a digital assistant that can play music, set alarms, and perform other tasks using voice commands.

    However, for users who want to ensure their device doesn’t play explicit content, it’s important to know how to disable it. The explicit language filter is a feature that allows users to filter out content with explicit language. To turn off explicit on alexa, navigate to the alexa app’s settings and disable the explicit language filter.

    Whether it’s for personal preferences or to create a more family-friendly environment, this feature is a must-know for alexa users.

    How to Disable Explicit Content on Alexa in 5 Steps


    Why Disable Explicit Content On Alexa

    The Inappropriate Content That Alexa Plays Can Be Harmful To Children.

    As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is not exposed to any inappropriate content, especially when it comes to language and mature themes. With alexa recognizing verbal commands, it is crucial to ensure that explicit content is not within reach.

    Here’s why you should disable explicit content on alexa if you have children:

    • Children are inquisitive and may ask alexa sensitive or mature questions, which can produce explicit answers that may not be appropriate for their age group.
    • Young children can easily repeat inappropriate language and mature themes they hear from alexa without even knowing what it means.
    • Listening to explicit content can also negatively impact a child’s behavior, beliefs, and attitude towards certain topics.

    Explicit Content May Not Be Suitable For Workplaces And Other Public Environments

    Alexa is not only used in homes, but it is also commonplace in workplaces and public settings like libraries, hospitals, and community spaces. Disabling explicit content on alexa is critical in such scenarios, and the reasons are clear:

    • You don’t want anyone else, apart from you, to initiate explicit content on alexa.
    • Playing explicit content in public can lead to embarrassment and create a negative reputation for both the user and the location.
    • In the event that alexa responds with explicit content, it can cause needless distractions, or it can be offensive to others.

    Playing Explicit Content Can Also Be Offensive And Disrespectful To Some Individuals

    As individuals, we all have different values, beliefs, and morals. As such, alexa playing explicit content can be offensive to some individuals, which is why it is necessary to disable it. Here’s how explicit content can be disrespectful to different people:

    • Playing explicit content with profanity is offensive to those who find such language vulgar and disrespectful, such as religious individuals, among others.
    • Some people may have personal or traumatic experiences associated with explicit content, and hearing it can be triggering for them.
    • Additionally, some individuals find explicit language offensive and believe that it exhibits a lack of manners and social decency.

    Step 1: Open The Alexa App

    How To Disable Explicit Content On Alexa In 5 Steps

    It’s easy to unwittingly expose yourself and your loved ones to derogatory language or vulgar content when using alexa. Fortunately, it’s simple to disable alexa’s explicit content. Keep reading to find out how in five straightforward steps.

    The alexa app is a user-friendly interface that lets you control and customize alexa’s settings. You can change your privacy settings and disable explicit language through this app. Here’s how:

    • Open the alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
    • Tap on the ‘more’ icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
    • Click on ‘settings’ in the dropdown menu.
    • Choose ‘music & podcasts.’
    • Select the ‘explicit language filter’ and turn it on.

    It’s that simple! You’re now safe from explicit content on alexa. In the following steps, you’ll learn how to further customize your settings to make them more secure.

    Step 2: Disable Voice Purchase

    Did you know that alexa allows you to make purchases simply by giving the device verbal commands? Therefore, it’s important to disable this feature from your alexa device. Here’s how:

    • Open the alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
    • Tap on the ‘more’ icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
    • Click on ‘settings’ in the dropdown menu.
    • Choose the ‘voice purchasing’ option.
    • Disable voice purchase by toggling the switch to the ‘off’ position.

    Step 3: Add A Pin

    To protect your purchases from unauthorized access, you’ll need to add a four-digit pin to your account. This pin will be required whenever you want to make a purchase with alexa. Here’s how:

    • Open the alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
    • Tap on the ‘more’ icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
    • Click on ‘settings’ in the dropdown menu.
    • Select ‘request a pin’ under ‘voice purchasing’ and follow the prompts to set a new pin.

    Step 4: Enable Do Not Disturb Mode

    Do you have an amazon echo in a frequently used room where guests might be present? You may not like the idea of others hearing alexa’s responses. Here’s how to enable do not disturb:

    • Open the alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
    • Tap on the ‘devices’ icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
    • Choose the device on which you want to enable do not disturb.
    • Toggle on the ‘do not disturb’ option.

    Step 5: Set Up Personalized Responses

    You can customize alexa’s responses to reflect your taste and ensure a more personalized experience, especially for children. Here’s how to set up personalized responses:

    • Open the alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
    • Tap the ‘more’ icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
    • Select ‘settings’ in the dropdown menu.
    • Choose ‘alexa preferences’.
    • Click on ‘kids’.
    • Select ‘freetime’.
    • Create a new profile.
    • Turn on ‘personalized responses’.

    Congratulations! You’ve successfully implemented all five steps and made your alexa device family-friendly and secure. Using alexa while taking care of your loved ones is now easy and safe.

    Step 2: Navigate To Settings

    Now that you have enabled the alexa parental controls, it’s time to adjust your settings. Follow these simple steps to disable explicit content on alexa:

    1. Open The Alexa App

    To navigate to your settings, you will need to access the alexa app from your smartphone or tablet.

    2. Tap On The Menu Button

    Once you are in the alexa app, tap on the menu button located in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. This will bring up a list of options to choose from.

    3. Select Settings

    From the menu options, choose settings. This will take you to a page where you can manage your alexa devices and all of the settings associated with them.

    4. Choose Device Settings

    Now that you are in the settings menu, choose the device that you would like to adjust the settings for. This can be done by selecting the device you want to change under the “device settings” option.

    5. Toggle The Explicit Content Setting To Off

    Finally, scroll down to find the “music & podcasts” section. Here, you will see an option to “explicit content”. Simply toggle this setting to “off” to disable explicit content on alexa.

    By following these simple steps, you can ensure that explicit content will not be accessible through your alexa device. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with alexa parental controls and safe content consumption for your family.

    Step 3: Select Music & Podcasts

    Disabling Explicit Content In Alexa: Step 3 – Select Music & Podcasts

    Once you have enabled the explicit content filter for alexa (as explained in step 2), you need to consider which music and podcasts you want alexa to play.

    What Is Explicit Content In Music & Podcasts?

    Explicit content can refer to songs with swear words or explicit sexual content or podcasts that contain strong language, violence, or sexual content. If you don’t want to hear any of these, you can choose to block such content on alexa.

    Using Voice Commands To Block Explicit Music And Podcasts

    Here’s how you can use voice commands to set up alexa to block explicit music and podcasts:

    • Open the alexa app on your device
    • Navigate to ‘settings’
    • Tap on ‘music & podcasts’
    • Toggle ‘block explicit songs in “amazon music”‘ to the right to activate the filter
    • Similarly, toggle ‘explicit language in “podcasts”‘ to the on position to block explicit content in podcasts

    Disabling explicit content on alexa is a quick and easy process that can be done in just a few steps. By following the steps outlined above, you can protect yourself and those around you from any unsavory content that might be inappropriate.

    Step 4: Turn Off Explicit Language

    If you have kids, it’s essential to protect them from getting access to inappropriate content on alexa. Here’s how you can turn off explicit language on alexa:

    • Open the alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
    • Tap on the menu button and select “settings.”
    • Scroll down and select “music & podcasts.”
    • Enable the “explicit filter” option to filter explicit content from music and podcasts.
    • Scroll up and select “amazon alexa” in the top left corner to go back to the previous menu.

    By following these steps, you can prevent alexa from playing any explicit content whenever you or your children request music or podcasts. It’s a small but crucial step you can take to ensure your family’s safety while enjoying alexa’s services.

    Remember, staying updated with alexa’s parental controls is essential to maintain a safe online environment for your children. Take advantage of the different features provided by alexa to manage your children’s content consumption and stay informed about their online activities.

    Step 5: Save Changes

    After completing all the previous steps, you need to save changes to ensure explicit content is disabled on alexa. Here’s how to do it:

    • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
    • Click on the “save changes” button.
    • Wait for a few seconds for the changes to be applied.
    • Once the changes have been implemented, you will see a confirmation message on the screen stating that explicit content has been successfully disabled on your alexa device.
    • Congratulations, you have successfully disabled explicit content on your alexa!

    By following these five easy steps, you can ensure that your children or other family members are safe from explicit content while using alexa. Remember to check periodically to ensure that the settings are still in place, especially if someone accidentally changes them.

    Frequently Asked Questions For How To Turn Off Explicit On Alexa

    How Do I Turn Off Explicit On Alexa?

    To turn off explicit language on alexa, go to the alexa app, open settings, select music and podcasts, then select “clean” under “explicit filter” settings. This will ensure that only clean content is played on your alexa device.

    Can I Set A Parental Control On Alexa?

    Yes, you can. Go to the alexa app, select “alexa account,” then select “amazon household. ” Select “add adult,” then follow the prompts to set up a separate profile with parental control settings.

    Does Alexa Have Age Restrictions On Explicit Content?

    No, alexa does not have age restrictions on explicit content. However, you can enable parental controls to limit the access of explicit content for young children.

    How Can I Edit My Explicit Filter Settings On Alexa?

    To edit explicit filter settings on alexa, go to the alexa app, select “settings,” then select “music & podcasts,” and choose “clean” or “explicit” depending on your preference.

    Can I Block Specific Songs Or Artists On Alexa?

    Yes, you can block specific songs or artists on alexa. Go to the alexa app, select “settings,” then “music & podcasts. ” Under the “music” section, select “blocked songs,” and add any songs or artists you want to block.


    Turning off explicit content on alexa is an essential step to take if you are concerned about the content your family members or guests might listen to. With the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily turn off explicit content on all alexa-enabled devices or create a filter that ensures only appropriate content is played.

    Remember, this feature can also be used as a safeguard for kids against exposure to harmful or explicit content. Additionally, it’s vital to remain updated on amazon’s latest alexa features and understand how they work to ensure adequate precautions are taken to protect your family.

    With the steps highlighted in this guide, you can easily navigate your way through the alexa settings to ensure maximum safety and enhance your listening experience.


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