How to Enable Damage Numbers in Ark: Boost Your Gaming Performance


    To turn on damage numbers in ark, go to settings and select ‘show floating damage text’. This will enable you to see the amount of damage dealt with each attack.

    Ark: survival evolved is a multiplayer action-adventure survival game set in an open-world environment. The game hosts many prehistoric creatures, and players must survive while facing these creatures’ constant threats. In ark, players come across many enemies that they need to fight to stay alive.

    To better understand how the fighting system works, players can turn on damage numbers. These numbers appear on the screen each time a player or creature deals damage to an enemy. This feature will significantly help players assess the effectiveness of their character and weapons. In this post, we will discuss how to turn on damage numbers in ark.

    How to Enable Damage Numbers in Ark: Boost Your Gaming Performance


    Why Enable Damage Numbers Is Crucial In Ark Gaming

    Running around the ark world with a weapon might seem easy at first glance, but it’s not as simple as it looks, especially in combat. Not knowing the exact damage you inflict on your enemies can lead to unnecessarily long fights, missed shots, or even death.

    But don’t worry, enabling damage numbers on ark can help you avoid these troubles. Let’s find out why enabling damage numbers is crucial in ark gaming.

    Improve Accuracy And Precision In Your Shots

    Dealing damage to your enemies is a crucial part of ark gaming. Enabling damage numbers allows you to track your progress while shooting, which means you’ll know exactly how much damage you’ve inflicted on your enemies. Here’s how it can help improve your precision and accuracy:

    • Helps you aim better by seeing how much damage you’re causing in real-time.
    • Allows you to adjust your position and shooting style to maximize the damage output.
    • You can experiment with different weapons and ammunition without worrying about their effectiveness.

    Better Monitor Battles And Challenges

    Combat in ark can be intense, and sometimes, you may find yourself in the middle of multiple battles. Keeping track of damage dealt to enemies during a fight can be difficult without damage numbers. Enabling damage numbers can help you:

    • Keep track of how much damage you’ve inflicted on different enemies, making it easier to prioritize targets.
    • Avoid wasting ammo by seeing how much damage your shots do.
    • Understand how much damage you’re taking during a battle, which can help you determine when to heal your character.

    Boost Your Gaming Performance

    Ark gaming requires precision, accuracy, and quick reflexes. Enabling damage numbers can help you understand how well you’re performing and what areas need improvement, so you can boost your gaming performance. Here’s how:

    • You’ll get immediate feedback on each shot you take, allowing you to aim better and increase your accuracy.
    • Enables you to find the most efficient way to take down enemies by testing different techniques, weapons, and ammo types.
    • You can track your progress during your gaming sessions, which is helpful in setting goals and achieving milestones.

    Enabling damage numbers in ark gaming is crucial for improving your accuracy and precision, better monitoring battles and challenges, and boosting your gaming performance. Keep these benefits in mind and turn on damage numbers to take your ark gaming experience to the next level.

    How To Enable Damage Numbers In Ark

    If you’re an avid fan of ark: survival evolved, the chances are you want to elevate your game experience by enabling damage numbers in the game. Damage numbers pop up every time you hit an enemy, giving away the damage you’ve inflicted.

    It’s an essential tool for gamers who want to see how effective their attacks are and improve their gameplay. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of enabling damage numbers in ark.

    Access The Menu And In-Game Options

    To turn on damage numbers in ark, you need to first access the menu and in-game options.

    • Press the escape button on your keyboard to access the game menu.
    • Choose the “options” button in the menu, and then click on the “hud” tab.
    • Next, scroll down the hud settings, and you’ll see the “show floating damage text” option.

    Activate The Show Floating Damage Text Option

    Now that you’ve accessed the game options and found the “show floating damage text” option, it’s time to activate it.

    • To activate the option, click on the button beside the “show floating damage text” option, turning it green.
    • While in-game, each time you hit an enemy, you will see a floating number indicating the damage you’ve inflicted.

    Save Your Changes And Enjoy The Change

    Once you’ve activated the show floating damage text option, it’s crucial to save the changes you’ve made.

    • At the bottom part of the game options screen, click on the “save changes” button and close the game menu.
    • You can now enjoy the damage numbers display on your screen, giving you an idea of how effective your attacks are in the game.

    Enabling damage numbers in ark: survival evolved is a straightforward process that will make your gameplay experience more enjoyable. Follow these three easy steps: access the menu and in-game options, activate the show floating damage text option, and save your changes.

    Don’t overthink it; it’s easy to do! Happy gaming.

    Tips And Tricks To Optimize Your Damage Numbers Experience

    Are you a fan of ark? Have you ever wanted to turn on damage numbers while playing? Damage numbers allow you to see how much damage you have dealt to an enemy or creature. When you’re a beginner, it may be hard to understand the meaning behind each number.

    However, with these tips and tricks, you’ll optimize your damage numbers experience in no time!

    Experiment With Different Damage Numbers Settings

    Ark provides you with various settings for your damage numbers. If you’re new, the best setting for you may be ‘basic’ mode. ‘basic’ mode provides you with an easy-to-understand format, showing the damage you’ve dealt to an enemy or creature in red.

    ‘advanced’ mode offers more detailed settings such as color codes for specific types of damage, including impact, melee, and ranged. Take your time and experiment with these settings to find out which suits you best.

    Learn The Meanings Of The Damage Numbers

    By default, damage numbers display three types of damage. These are regular damage, critical damage, and headshots. It’s essential to understand what each of these numbers means. Regular damage is the amount of damage you’re dealing with your weapon. Critical damage is a bonus amount of damage you get when you hit a critical spot.

    Headshots are the bonus damage you get when you sneak up or aim at the head of an enemy. Knowing and understanding these different damage types can help you strategize better in the game.

    Combine Damage Numbers With Other Useful Features

    Using damage numbers is just a part of ark’s rich gaming experience. To maximize your gaming adventures, you can combine damage numbers with other useful features. For instance, turning on the ‘hit marker display’ option can give you an indication of where your shot has landed.

    This helps in knowing which part of the enemy you should aim for next. Additionally, the ‘floating names’ option displays the name of the enemy above its head. This feature helps in distinguishing between two similar-looking creatures.

    Understanding how to turn on damage numbers in ark is vital to any gamer’s experience. Experimenting with different settings, knowing the meanings of damage numbers, and using them with other helpful features can enhance your gameplay. So, why not give it a go and see how your gaming experience improves?

    Happy gaming!

    Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Turn On Damage Numbers In Ark

    How Do I Enable Damage Numbers In Ark?

    To enable damage numbers in ark, open the game settings and select the “hud” tab. Next, toggle “show floating damage text” to “on. ” Damage numbers will now appear above hit markers when you attack creatures or structures.

    Can I Customize The Font And Color Of Damage Numbers?

    Yes, you can customize the font and color of damage numbers in ark. To do so, open the game settings and click on the “advanced settings” button. Under the “hud text settings” section, you can choose a font and color for the damage numbers.

    Will Enabling Damage Numbers Affect My Game Performance?

    Enabling damage numbers in ark should not significantly impact game performance. However, if you notice any issues after enabling them, you can always turn them off again in the game settings.

    Can Damage Numbers Be Displayed For Pvp Attacks?

    Yes, damage numbers can be displayed for both pve and pvp attacks in ark. Simply enable the “show floating damage text” option in the game settings to see damage numbers for all types of combat.

    How Can I Tell If I’M Dealing More Damage With A Certain Weapon?

    With damage numbers enabled in ark, you can see exactly how much damage each attack deals. This allows you to compare the effectiveness of different weapons and choose the best one for the situation.


    Now that you know how to turn on damage numbers in ark, you’re one step closer to mastering the game. While it may seem like a small feature, it can make a big difference when it comes to tracking your damage output and ensuring you’re getting the most out of your weapons and equipment.

    Remember to prioritize your settings based on your preferences and playstyle, and don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. With practice and patience, you’ll be able to fine-tune your skills and take on the game’s toughest challenges with ease.

    So go forth and conquer the ark, and may your damage numbers always be high!


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